• Its over everybody - what's left is people still listening to the past

    To me it was alive like nothing else- it was proof that despite all the shit there is the "against"- there is the feeling, the heart - something from somewhere deeper within uproaring, breaking through the surface - at least breaking something- it was the idea of - “I can take the world" - with screaming vocals, sharp guitar riffs- cut through all the obstacles this planet throws at me - rock music had an edge hat was necessary to make it cut through – that edge is lost –

    modern rock, modern metal: bigass studios – autotune – protools – completely sterile modern metal amps and sound – its more and more about technology that helps music fitting in to an already created frame– that stuff needs no human edge - nothing is supposed to break or damage the provided frame

    nothing wrong with computer based music at all – its just something else -

    whats left is "rockmusic" that reminds you of music that ROCKS
    - but that is not the same !

  • It's long gone.

    Just to clarify, rock and roll in my opinion are bands like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and others; not bands like Pearl Jam, The Black Keys and Weezer.

    Rock's never going to be the same as it was in the 1960's through 1980's. Nowadays, with a much broader media base and variety of music, bands are more heavily influenced. You're not going to find authentic rock nowadays (unless you look very deep). People today don't have much of an ear for rock music because of mainstream success music that has in a way assimilated us.

    For those of you who said no, how many of you actually like today's rock bands? You will not find an authentic rock band today due to the modernization and editing of today's music... Only derivatives of real rock.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE rock music. But I think it's safe to say that we're never gonna have another Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin, band's with an authentic rock sound. It's a false reality in my eyes.

    Posted by: Vz
  • No but its getting there

    I wish i could say it isn't true but the fact is rock is being more and more replaced by rap and electronic music by teenagers. And when the teens grow up and have families they will pass that electronic music to them soon rock and roll will die. RAISE AWARENESS DONT LET IT DIE EVER!!!!!!!

  • Rock and Roll

    Will never die. It's too great to just be thrown away. Plus, we have the Defenders of the Faith (Fall Out Boy) here to make sure it doesn't happen. If Rock and Roll ever even begins to die, give me some instruments and a microphone and I'll do my best to save it.

  • Not any time soon

    It might not be the cult it was for the young generation years ago, but it still has it's fan base and rising artists. When you think about it, even jazz and classical music still have their share of listening in the jungle of music genres that is today's mainstream. Now more than ever there is a chance for people to have a taste of almost every genre. Even if it does somehow stop being a factor in the music industry, it has spawned many genres that carry on it's tradition.

  • Not at all!

    It's just not mainstream anymore and that can be a good thing because bands have to work harder and release better material now (imo) - It may be mainstream again when the industry decides they can't milk pop/hip hop anymore.But it certainly isn't dead.Rock'n'roll is about survival and being different!

  • Not in the least!

    At 54, I see Rock-n-roll all over. It has influenced many genres of music. It was used, in collaboration, to launch the first "Rap" video (Walk This Way w/Aerosmith). In recent years, young artists are taking classics from R-n-R and recording them, i.e. Beat It, Give Me Shelter, Killing Me Softly, etc. Rock-n-Roll is far from dead. It's the lifeline that sustains the music industry, in one way or another.

  • Foo Fighters rule!!!!!

    I, along with many other people, listen to rock and roll still even though the next generation for sure leans toward the rap/hip hop genre of music. This being said, I think rock and roll is not dead now but it could definitely die out in a decade or so.

  • Hell To The No!

    Have you seen the rock music industry, lately? A lot of rock bands, yes, are turning pop and fake and just a waste of time (30 Seconds To Mars), but the loyal bands (Breaking Benjamin for example) and even new ones (like Greta Van Fleet and Royal Blood) are sticking to the authentic sound that got them their fans; they're not isolating their fans or making them not want to listen to their music anymore. Those bands will never die.

  • The term "Rock and Roll Is Dead"..

    ...Is an overused statement IMO. I believe the phrase was first coined by Jim Morrison for a song he wrote in the late '60s, and 45 years later Gene Simmons claims that rock is dead. I do not believe that is the case. In a commercial sense, that may be a different story, depending on who you ask. But rock music is far from dead and will never be dead in my eyes and ears.

    Posted by: S.K

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AngelTim says2014-10-03T04:31:08.587
Lets just say its on a life line
intellectuallyprimitive says2014-10-03T05:05:51.693
Not dead, but certainly dying, fast.
SweetTea says2014-10-03T14:31:10.943
Take a look at this Top 10 Music Genres list, created just this year. Rock aka Rock-n-Roll is #1!