• Yes, Roger Federer is a top tennis player.

    Roger Federer is a top ranked tennis player. If he continues to stay focused, he should be able to maintain this status for some time to come. He was in a slump for a period of time. Who knows exactly why, but he has managed to make a comeback and is playing well these days.

  • Yes of course

    It is not just about grand slam titles but federer has shown that he can win 3 out of 4 grand slams at his peak more than once which shows that his game is suitable on all surfaces. Even in the French open he came multiple times to the final. Additionally, he has a great variety in his game.

  • He is one of the greats.

    There are few tennis players that have been more successful on the big stage than Roger Federer. Federer has a long history of success in tennis and he is one of the big names. He has staying power because he has been successful for so long. He will go down in history.

  • No, he is not.

    Novak is the best that has ever picked up a racquet when he plays his best no one can even get close. The first set against Federer in Australia is the best performance ever. Nobody can even dream of playing that good. He is the first man in over 40 years to hold the 4 slams the first since Rod Laver in 1967 Federer couldn't manage it nor Rafael. Novak is the best!

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