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  • Both Influenced a Generation

    Roger Waters and David Gilmour influenced an entire generation in the 1970s with the British band Pink Floyd. Both men were the face of the band during its heyday. Waters might have an edge on Gilmour in that he founded the group before Gilmour came on in 1968, three years after the band started. However, Waters left the band in a legal dispute in 1986 before Gilmour took over for 10 years. Gilmour then founded charities and earned his CBE, a feat Waters has yet to accomplish. The behind-the-scenes stuff may not matter. Both musicians, who still play on solo tours, were at the top of their game for 20 years.

  • No, David Gilmour has a more soothing sound.

    Though I am not very well studied in either artist, I have come to enjoy pink floyd and David Gilmour based on their unique and famous sound. Roger Waters, though quite talent, in my personal opinion does not play quite to the level David does in his music and skill set.

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