Is "Romeo and Juliet" important for 9th grade English

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  • Romeo and Juliet is still to this date a good book.

    Romeo and Juliet has a place in 9th grade English. It is one of the more important things in English that students should learn. No Romeo and Juliet is like math with no fractions. It's also like science with no scientific method. Romeo and Juliet is one the most important books in the world.

  • Ladies, Get out of your own head

    Juliet Capulet, Sequestered in her family home for 14 years with an ineffective mother and a tyrant for a father, Lives entirely within her own dreams and imagination. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is a cautionary story about the harms of preferring one's inner life over outward experiences, A message vitally important to today's adolescents as the narrow world of social media, Fabricated and dream-like, Closes in.

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  • Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is important today

    Shakespeare's story "Romeo and Juliet" is relevant today because we get to feel the character's emotions through the story and we can learn lessons. One lesson we learn is to not make rash decisions. At the end of the play Romeo and Juliet both kill themselves for love and teenagers today will still make stupid decisions for love.

  • Romeo and Juliet has modern day themes

    The story of Romeo and Juliet displays modern day conflicts such as meaningless feuds and important life lessons like your love should overcome your hate. Two families in the story have a feud but no-one even knows why. At the end of the story, The lesson learned is that love is more important and stronger.

  • Romeo and Juliet is important for 9th grade English

    Romeo and Juliet is important for 9th grade English because Romeo and Juliet have a univseal theme that eveyone know. That theme is love and hate. That's why his plays are used so much in movies and tv shows now days because every movie goes on love and hate. The theme Love and hate theme is used in Romeo and Juliet by showing that they fell in love even though their families hate each other and that is how movies are now written. I think it could help 9th grades to see the difference of writing styles.

  • The relevance of "Romeo and Juliet"

    Romeo and Juliet is relevant today because it demonstrates and provides different social interactions based on pointless hatred that increases overtime between the two families. It is also relevant because young people will still do crazy unpredictable things for love, And can sometimes have reckless behavior towards it.
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  • Romeo and Juliet is still important for 9th grade english

    I believe that Romeo and Juliet is still relevant and important for 9th grade english to read and understand the text. Romeo is more than a sappy love story it has bigger themes behind that. There are important lessons and morals to learn in the story. It is also a classic story all other storys that have these lessons are most likely based off this story

  • Romeo and Juliet is relevant to the 9th grade curriculum

    Through Shakespeare's story of Romeo and Juliet, Many relevant topics are brought up. Not only can the reader relate to some of the events in the story but they can also gain knowledge of new writing techniques. Shakespeare was an excellent writer and used foreshadowing, Irony, And emotion, And more, In his writing. For teens to be able to break apart his writing and allow themselves to find the themes in the tragedy could allow them to become more knowledgable.

  • Why "Romeo and Juliet" is relevant today

    I believe that "Romeo and Juliet" is still relevant today because it shows the consequences for unneeded hatred. The hatred risen from their ancestors was still there, And was the main source of the death between Romeo and Juliet. I also find this important, As the themes brought up in this story are still what we use todAY.

  • BruUh how could it not be relevant

    Okay yes, Capulet tries to force Juliet to marry Paris, Which does not happen today in society, It still portrays the way teenagers have crushes and sometimes think they are in love but really they just are attracted. Another way it is relevant, Is Juliet wants to be with a boy and her parents won't allow it. This happens today is many households. One way you could argue against the fact that it is not relevant to modern day is the way they use their weapons, The way they talk, And even the way they act but I can go on and on about ways it relates to today. Sometimes adults underestimate teenagers, Some teenagers would do crazy things for "love''. Its unfair that someone would say it isn't relevant because although they talked a little different and loved a little different, The story of the star crossed lovers still portrays morals and messages that can easily be related to modern day teens.


    I think Romeo And Juliet should not be required in 9th grade.
    First of all, It is VERY outdated. Back then, They used to treat girls unfairly by making them get married at 13! Now that's when people are in their very early stages of puberty!
    Also, It is uninteresting and boring to many kids in 9th grade because many incoming 9th graders are not interested in romance and some despise it A LOT! The creators of Common Core actually made reading Romeo And Juliet in 9th grade a law! This NEEDS to stop!
    This is why Romeo And Juliet is not important in 9th grade.

  • No, It isn't important.

    Everyone knows the general story behind Romeo and Juliet. It may still seem important to few. Here's the kicker though, In today's world, It is no longer relevant to any modern situation that 9th graders would go through. Families no longer select their children's spouse. Citizens don't kill each other because "hey, I don't like you. " We settle disputes with words and in court, Not with sword and dagger. There is still murder in every city, But it isn't because two families dislike each other. In 9th grade, You might have a girlfriend/boyfriend that you feel you truly love, But it is ILLEGAL to marry at such a young age. The book leaves a bad example for early teens, As Romeo and Juliet's suicide solved the age-old dispute between two families. So now, If kids have a problem, Kill yourself and the problem will be solved? Not a good example, At least in my humble opinion. The book does show that acting rash can lead to poor situations, But in this case if the two didn't act this way, There was a very little chance of them getting what they wanted, As the two families would keep fighting, Juliet would have gotten married, Romeo would be forced to move on, And there's the end to the story. If you pick apart the story, You might take something away from it, But let's be honest, How many 9th graders wanted to read the story, And how many were forced to read it without wanting to read it. Most didn't want to read it, And don't care to pick the story apart to try and gain a lesson from it. Yes, There are times where a family might hold a teen back from someone who they think is wrong for them, But this is done from an adult's good judgement and love for their child, While the teen is based solely on emotion. The adult is most likely making the better decision, But hey, That teenager read Romeo and Juliet, And said teen feels he's in the same situation, And just like that, Add one to the teenager suicide count. In short, The story is outdated and irrelevant in many ways. It leaves a bad impression on young minds, And can lead to teenager suicide. While it can be relevant, It is only relevant for those who wanted to read it. Most simply forget the story, And walk away with no lesson, But rather a completed school assignment. It is a story book. It belongs with the other story books. In the library for those who are interested in it.

  • I don't see why it is.

    I get it, Romeo and Juliet is loved by many and is considered one of the greatest works of literature ever, But it shouldn't be forced upon 9th graders. If you love literature, Shakespeare, Or love stories, By all means, Read it in your free time. However, I don't think in 9th grade young teenagers are looking for answer to their love life questions. Romeo and Juliet are madly in love and want to get married, But this cannot happen in today's world due to their age. Also, If two teenagers are put in a similar situation, Where their parents do not allow the two to see each other, Their idea should be to commit suicide? Their suicides brought their families together in the book, Without any negative outcomes/effects other than the fact that they were dead. In my eyes, Romeo and Juliet is just an old book, Loved by literature enthusiasts. Not many adults remember smaller details about the story, Other than the fact that the two kids were in love, Their families kept them separate, And then Romeo and Juliet killed themselves. To many, It is just another story. Another book in the library. It doesn't impact them, Change them, Or make them rethink anything. It is just a bunch of words on a lot of paper, And reading it only wastes the time of the young. In all honesty, 9th grade English should continue teaching about grammar and so forth, But how much longer do people need it? Knowing participles, Subject agreements, And so forth only come in handy if you become an English teacher. English classes should end when students can read, Write, Create, And fix sentences. That's it. Romeo and Juliet doesn't help this at all. Students don't look that far into the story to grasp any meaning from it, And therefore, Should not be taught in 9th grade or any grade of English. It should be like most other books, In the library for those who wish to read them.

  • Romeo and Juliet is not relevant

    Romeo and Juliet are irrelevant because of the many times it has been read in English classes and some of the scenes in it are way out of date. Some English teachers can agree that after reading the story with their classes that they have come to dislike it. Although they are meant to like the book and teach it they have come to hate it. Then poor Paris has been placed in the plot making things more difficult. He is the middle of a family feud and got between in because of a planned marriage which is also irrelevant. Juliet is forced to marry the Count which is also irrelevant to today because of all the independence that children have now. Then Paris is killed (which doesn't happen anymore because people can settle arguments with words now) and buried believing that Juliet was his one true love and she loved hime dearly.

  • Its not relevant

    First of all its outdated and hard to understand. Second, Its about two teens who marry each other for sex and don't care about getting to know each other. Romeo is basically a dog and only marries juliet for her looks. Juliet is basically his rebound after he breaks up with his former girlfriend roaline. Juliet is only 13 and has no idea what love is and what she's getting herself into. Then when Romeo and Juliet find that things are too hard in life, They threaten to kill themselves and ultimately do kill themselves because they can't live without each other. The story teaches readers that suicide is the solution to all your problems instead of trying to figure out another way to make things work.

  • Romeo and Juliet is not relevant in today's culture.

    Romeo and Juliet is not relevant in today's culture. The text is very hard to understand for students and some adults. This is something that has been used and read for many years that teachers don't want to get rid of because it is basically a tradition for high school students to read. Just because it is a classic doesn't mean that we need to read this text. The story does give a good moral or lesson but so do modern day books/novels.

  • Romeo and Juliet is not Important for 9th Grade English

    Romeo and Juliet should not be taught in anymore because it way to outdated. Teenagers are not getting married at ages 13 anymore, They don't even date people at this age that are 4 years older then them because of how much they change, Learn, And grow over the years. This play also has kids who just kill themselves whenever something goes bad. We already have suicide increasing in teens, Why should we be reading a story that is telling them when it gets hard in life to just give up. It's also showing teenagers that it's okay to keep big secrets from your parents, But in reality it shouldn't be okay. Many kids aren't having as close of a relationship or going to their parents for help anymore when they have a problem. Maybe this story is just a small fraction of teaching kids to deal with their own major problems that get out of hand instead of asking for help when they need it.

  • Romeo and Juliet is Not Relevant

    Romeo and Juliet is not relevant in the 21st century mainly because of the disconnect of the words used and the actions taken within the text. Although some of the themes from the story are relevant today, They aren't as complex as Romeo and Juliet make them. Teenagers now aren't interested in the reading due to the disconnect between the actions in the play and the actions now. My peers do not get encouraged to kill themselves over a botched relationship that lasted a few days. The reading is also hard to understand and can make 9th graders and other grades uninterested in the story. There should be relatable actions and understandable text throughout the story and if there were to be text such as old figurative language, We should learn more about it before we dive into a story filled with it.

  • "Romeo and Juliet" is irrelevant and teaches nothing.

    Kids getting married at age thirteen isn't exactly relatable and Juliet is portrayed as tool for marriage. Friar Lawrence, Instead of helping the "couple, " decides to escalate the situation by marrying them secretly, Faking Juliet's death, And decides it would be great not to tell Juliet's parents (who have already lost children, Leaving Juliet to be the last living one) that their daughter is NOT dead. Romeo and Juliet decide to kill themselves in the end because they love each other, When in reality, They were using each other as an unhealthy escapism.

  • This is some dumb shit

    Romeo and Juliet should not be given to kids during this state in age. The story is about a guy named Romeo who takes the impression of a school shooter named Lucien and kills himself for some random chick he falls in love with. The writing gives me cancer to constantly look back through the book and translate every ten seconds to find a meaning to the story. People should be looking for a better book to read.

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