Is Romeo and Juliet the best love story of all time?

  • The greatest Love Story Ever!

    With the renaissance era in mind, this was the first play/story which opened the eyes of the people about love and its effects to humankind. Aside from the elements that are typically discussed, history can also explain this argument. This play proliferated the idea that "hey, TRUE LOVE IS WORTH DYING FOR."

  • Yes. The story is good

    In my opinion, the story is showing clear meaning that sometimes love is not working between people because due to family. This means that sometimes people cannot have a strong love because it's taken by the family members that are trying to be sarcastic and the story is showing this.

  • The story of love

    Romeo and Juliet is the greatest love story of all time. Romeo is a boy who is a little heart broken from Rosaline rejecting him. He goes to the Capulet ball looking for her. Now I'm sure guys throughout time have been rejected by a girl and still have that feeling of not giving up, so this is universal. Romeo is a love struck romantic who is seeking love from anyone, again a feeling a lot of people have found. He sees Juliet and boom it's a girl who is attractive and who he thinks he can get, and you all know the rest. The love story is great because people can relate to a lot of the emotions in the story. The feeling of falling deeply in love, wanting, first love, thinking love has the best power of all. Most importantly unlike a lot of modern or 20th century writing, its not society or class keeping them apart, it is family. Even now people worry a family won't like them. Shakespeare took it to an extreme of course but we all fear parental rejection of the ones we love. Romeo isn't a bad guy but he is hated, as a male who is a nice romantic I have been hated for no other reason than I look off with long hair. People think a love story needs a happy ending but what makes Romeo and Juliet so great is the lack of a happy ending. Love doesn't always end in a happy way that is just a fact. Mercutio is a metaphor of our friends we lose in relationships because we focus only on ourselves. Tybalt is a look at when a friend of the person you date smears your name. Yet Juliet knows Romeos true nature and doesn't believe what she is told. All and all it is timeless and focuses on an extreme version of love. Love can be fast and make us dumb. In the end though we must still make our way to it. Romeo could have just moved on but he was blind by love and gave in to the seeming pain, Juliet did the same. It's almost a warning of hey don't do this because life goes on. If Romeo had just dealt with the loss of his love he could have had love again as Juliet would of awakened.

  • A great story doesn't have to have a happy ending.

    The story is amazing. The story shows people can find something good and better after heartbreak in the beginning.. The families they had made their relationship hard because their families did not get along and abandoned them towards the end. Shakespeare made the story only last for three days for a good reason. He knew that there is people out there that are clinging to those they just met all the time. A love story doesn't have to have a happy ending.

  • It is yay

    It is because there love conquers all even though it did not end well like what everyone think how it should have ended. Because not all supposed happy ending are happy endings just because people think they should even if they think it should be better you know? ?

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  • Romeo and Juliet is for sure a great story of love

    The story helps to show that love conquers all even if it isn't in the preferred way. Just because they died doesn't make it an unhappy ending, They were able to die together and be together for the rest of eternity. The only difference now is that they don't have their feuding families coming in between them. Plus their love for each other that caused them to kill themselves also stopped the feuding of the families.

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  • Romeo and Juliet is the best

    I believe that Romeo and Juliet is the best story ever as it promotes innocent and profound love. Whats unique about it is that it does not involve a happy ending to show that life isn't always about achieving what you want. It also carries out many elements that are needed in a successful story or play such as sadness, anger and tension.

  • No, Romeo and Juliet isn't even a love story

    In my opinion, the story is one of lust not love. Lust that resulted in multiple deaths, not just Romeo and Juliet's. Romeo killed two people, not including himself, and indirectly caused another(not including Juliet). He "woo's" Juliet because he thinks he can get her in bed and that she's pretty. He kills Paris because... What? Paris was just doing what any good citizen would do. Romeo was BANISHED. This story is not one of rebellious teenage love. It's one of Romeo manipulating Juliet to get what he wanted. What he wanted being sex. He brought a 13 year old girl to suicide, killed 2 other people, and got his best friend killed, not to mention the other wrong, socially unacceptable things he did. The greatest story of manipulation and lust, perhaps, but not love.

  • To be a love story, there needs to be love.

    Romeo and Juliet is a story between two kids- 14 and 17, over three days.
    Romeo was a pig who is grumpy for days because he cant have sex with his girlfriend Rosaline.
    Juliet was an innocent child too sheltered from the world.
    Within minutes of meeting and no words, they are already kissing and confessing "love"? No thank you.
    I believe even Shakespeare understood this was not a love story, and for that I respect him. The tale was supposed to be crazy. It was supposed to show flaws among social class and teenagers and their "love."
    If he saw how people commemorate this as "the best love story of all time", he'd laugh.

  • Romeo and Juliet is not the best love story of all time.

    Romeo and Juliet is a sad, tragic play. How can two people committing suicide be romantic? We tend to romanticize something just because they loved each other enough to die. How selfish is that? I have read a few stories in the news where young teenagers have copied Romeo and Juliet because they couldnt be together. That is sad and sick. Not romantic.

  • Its not that romantic

    A love story that takes place over 4 days resulting in multiple deaths, including suicide. Romeo had just been broken hearted at the beginning for Juliet's cousin Rosalyn. They fall in love at a party just by seeing each other, not even knowing each other. In the end, however the story is a tragedy, a tragedy to literature itself.

  • No Romeo and Juliet is only big because of Shakespeare

    Romeo and Juliet is far from the best love story of all time. There are better and older stories out there. Shakespeare is the reason Romeo and Juliet is so popular. It is a good story but it is far from the best. Tristan and Isolde is an example of an older better story.

  • I say no.

    I don't think, as someone who has read more than his fair share of books, that there is any reason to say that Romeo and Juliet is the best love story of all time. It is a good story, but to say that it is the best ever is going too far.

  • No its not

    Love isent defined in 2 days after meeting somebody. This is not a good story i find the moden version is very bad how thy use cars and moterised vehicles and how the use guns and stuff. This is a bad stoey because it is not vey satisfyng to the soul

  • No, it is not the best love story of all time.

    Romeo and Juliet does have good romantic, and loving moments, but I would not say it is the best love story of all time. If anything it is one of the best tragedies of all time. The two characters try very hard to be together, and in the end both end up dying due to a simple misunderstanding.

  • No, Romeo and Juliet is not the best love story of all time.

    In my opinion Romeo and Juliet was not the best love story. It was mainly considered a tragedy, and a romance. To me though, the romance was quick and empty. Two teenagers fall in love after seeing each other for only a few moments, then are willing to die for one another. That isn't romantic, that's sad for those two and for their families.

  • No it is not

    I think it is not possible to kill yourself for another person when you just known each other in a couple of days. I don't believe in love at first sight and that is what the movie is about. So, Romeo and Juliet is not the best story of all time

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