• He's not great but he is good.

    I do think Ron Howard is a god director, but he isn't great. There's always something missing, in terms of technical ability, in his films. He's been lucky to work with great scripts and actors, but maybe he isn't as technically skilled as some of today's greatest directors. That could be the recent his movies haven't been working so well recently.

  • Yes, Ron Howard is an excellent director.

    Yes, I do believe that Ron Howard is a very good director. A good portion of his movies turn into major hits including Rush, Inferno, A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13 just to name a few. His success as an actor helped turn him into the director that he is today.

  • Yes he is

    He's had a lot of experience both in front of and behind the camera, and I think that helps him as a director. Howard has been involved in a wide range of types of films, some really strong ones, like A Beautiful Mind, Cocoon, and Apollo 13. Some comedies like Splash aren't heavyweight films but are sweet.

  • Yes, Ron Howard is a good director.

    Yes, Ron Howard is a good director, even though many of his movies have been flops. The American public does not always know what it wants. His movies are excellent, but do not make much money. This does not discount his talent. It simply means his movies are not what people want to see.

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