Is Ron Paul a better libertarian than Gary Johnson?

  • Yes Ron Paul is a better libertarian than Gary Johnsn

    I believe Ron Paul is a better libertarian than Gary Johnson because of the popularity and the likable characteristics he has around the United States. Although Gary Johnson has he same views as Ron Paul, he lacks likable characteristics and the statement of the words. Ron Paul has been proven to get his words across and successfully at that.

  • Yes, He Is

    Ron Paul has shown that he has what it takes to be a real contender in the race to be the next president of the United States of America. Barely anyone knows who Gary Johnson is. Who do you think is the better libertarian? I say that Ron Paul is, that's who.

  • No

    Ron Paul is not a better libertarian than Gary Johnson. He has some very un-libertarian points of view. He claims to believe in small government and that the government should stay out of personal choices; however, then he claims that the government should make abortion illegal. That is completely contradictory and hypocritical.

  • Both represent their party well

    It is hard and certainly impossible to accurately assess which is a better libertarian. Paul, without a doubt, has more experience on the party platform. However, both Paul and Johnson stand firm in their beliefs and represent their party with integrity. Because of this both have gained their respective supporters. One is not necessarily a better libertarian than the other...

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