• Strong morals to help boys become men

    Ron Swanson sticks to his word, doesn't support taxes/government spending, gland is a man capable of taking care if his needs without a store. He also loves challenge s of his chareter yes some of his values are unrealistic but if you break down what something of these unrealistic value truly stand for they mean, one has to be acountable for one's word.

  • Definitely, a great man!

    Ron Swanson is a) manly, b) libertarian. What else is there? He gets the job done, knows what he is talking about and is a hit with the ladies. I would consider him one of the greatest fictional characters alive. Absolutely no contest. Nuff said everyone. Nuff said. Thank you.

  • Ron Swanson is not a good role model.

    Ron Swanson is a fictional character on the NBC comedy "Parks & Recreation" and he is not a real person. He has several exaggerated character traits, for example, he can drink without ever experiencing the negative effects of alcohol. He routinely overindulges in gluttony, a habit that would kill him in real life.

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