• Ronda Rousey is not a "do nothing" woman

    From Ronda Rousey's many supporters she does not "do nothing" but attacks every aspect of life with a fevor. Ronda has fans, not just because of her UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion status, but for her other work, whether it be in films/shows or the book that she is writing. People feel connected to her, much like people felt connected to Michael Jordan. Most everyone loved Michael Jordan, even if they did not support the Chicago Bulls. It seems that people who are not following the UFC Women's Bantamweight fights feel just as connected to Ronda Rousey.

  • Yes, she stands at the top of UFC and remains undefeated till today.

    Not only is she the current champion of Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight, she also won the first U.S. Olympic medal in judo. While it is not completely accurate in callling her "the Michael Jordan of her sport", as she is a mixed martial artist and has several sports she remains undefeated in, Rousey's rank as the number one most dominant athletes alive speaks for itself.

  • Ronda Rousey is awesome

    Rousey has truly transcended the sport and that was evident during the latest UFC Embedded episode, where a ton of famous faces popped up to talk about the bantamweight champion ahead of her fight with Holly Holm next weekend in Australia. Ronda Rousey's kind of like a female Terminator and is relentless and shows no mercy, shows no pain, no remorse, no pity.

  • Achievements are less

    She haven't achieved that much. Michael Jordan is a Legend. He has achieved so much that almost everyone in the world knows him. There are many brands on his name. Nike has released shoes on the brand name of Jordan. He is the inspiration for many upcoming athletes in basketball. On the other hand, Ronda Rousey is good but doesn't match Jordan's level.

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