• Until the Science backs it up, Rossi cold fusion is not to be trusted

    The process that creates the "Rossi" cold fusion has been analyzed by scientists and found to be contradicting to known theories. The full method used to create this energy has been kept a secret by its inventors under the guise of holding on to credit. However, their unwillingness to publicly release their methods is extremely suspicious. Those subject matter experts that have been given portions of the research have stated that it is not likely to work how it claims. Until it has been peer reviewed, the Rossi project should remain under suspicion of being a hoax. When it comes to science, you are guilty until proven innocent.

  • It just sounds impossible

    I have never heard of such a thing being replicated by a lab, and I have never heard the science behind it being justified or confirmed. I do believe that, on a molecular level, at least from my own experience with college chemistry and physics, it sounds quite impossible. It seems highly implausible.

  • No, cold fusion is not a hoax.

    In my opinion and research cold fusion is not a hoax. Rossi has proven this theory and has even achieved receiving a patent for this theory. In order to be widely accepted, the theory needed to be tested and proven, which in my opinion it was proven. Therefore cold fusion is not a hoax.

  • It is science

    No, this form of cold fusion is not a hoax, and is being studied and developed here in the United States right now. This technology has also been found in places overseas, in the hands of people who would definately use it against the United States if they get a chance.

  • We'll Soon Find Out

    We will soon find out whether or not Rossi cold fusion is a hoax. Andrea Rossi's invention was bought by a U.S. company to be marketed in the United States and China. I don't see a huge firm making a large investment without the reactor being somewhat worth its while. Cherokee Investment Partners will make or break the technology in the coming years. Hopefully, Rossi isn't a fraud.

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