Is Rudy Duterte the President for Philippines?

Asked by: mike.lacsa
  • YES, he is

    Yeah he is. Long live Mr Kawar! So, my point is this: if man does not learn his lesson, he will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish. Heil Donald Trump and the Antichrist! JESUS! JESUS! KAWAR IS MY GOD! KAWARASOUROUS RULES! 6 more words needed... And, done! JESus, I love you

  • Yes, he must

    Even though he over promises, we see to the point that he really promises big things such as peace for 3 months and etc. He will never be the new Marcos as thought, but he would be a threat to every presidential candidate. You see that he answered questions in the forums very impressively. He is the only one from the presidentiables that has done a lot of things. If not Duterte, then Santiago. Those presidentiables are the ones that speak from the heart.

  • The president of the Philippines is Benigno S. Aquino III

    How is this even an opinion question? Whether or not someone is president of a country is NOT a matter of opinion, it's a fact. And the fact is Benigno S. Aquino III is the current president of the Philippines.

    Rudy Duterte is a candidate in the election this year. He may or may not become president of the Philippines in the future, but regardless the answer to "Is Rudy Duterte the President of the Philippines?" as of right now is "no".

    I recommend that the person who asked this question post a different question and title it "Should Rudy Duterte be the president of the Philippines?" since that appears to be what you meant to ask.

  • Duterte has a strong base online.

    Mayor Duterte does not only have a strong base online but he has gained a lot of social media followers in a natural way. In other they words, they’re organic, not paid. It also means that most of the people who liked his Page are most likely to vote or to campaign for him. Aside from his Facebook Page with more than a million likes, there are also several groups that were voluntarily created by his followers to support his presidential bid for the 2016 national election.

  • He is full of drama, theatrics, and surprises

    Tired of all the teleserye, kalyeserye, realiserye, and all the other seryes on TV? Duterte can give you six years of cliffhangers and emotional rollercoaster rides you have never experienced before. Duterteserye, as many fondly call his political saga, could become the pastime you are looking for. It could be that more immersive series that will get you hooked as you become a diehard fan of the Davaoeño politician and become submissive to his every whim. Duterte’s unpredictability could make Philippine politics more dramatically colorful and spectacular.

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pickurodds says2016-03-17T01:50:32.657
Good topic
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2016-03-17T09:47:58.073
I'm not familiar with your politics, but whoever you choose it'd better be better than Aquino ><