• Rugby is better than Tennis (and Any Sport)

    If you say that tennis is more exciting to watch, you have obviously never watched a Rugby game. If you say that Tennis is harder to play, watch how many phases it takes just to score one try. In tennis, it's between two to four people smacking a ball at the other person. Good for skinny kids or kids who have no pace or no stamina. In rugby it is a crime to stop moving for even a second unless you are in contact, and even then you are still moving, pushing people along. If you said that Tennis requires more intelligence, then you are dense. Rugby requires you to know where you are at all times, on the field, in the ruck, in the scrum, crashing and tackling. You need to be ready to catch the ball at any second, tackle as soon as the opposing team gets the ball. You need to know how to break an enemy's line of defense. And in terms of fitness, you need to be fast in rugby, no matter what position you play. In tennis you do NOT need to be fast or have very much stamina. I know so many people who are great tennis players, but cannot run fast or very long. In Rugby, every single person on the team is always moving, along the field, in support, sprinting, tackling or rucking. Agility is needed, but also just physical strength, to knock someone of their feet, even when you are not tackling. A rugby player who is worth anything can knock a player from the opposing side of their feet and score a try just because of technique. When it comes down to skill, it's fine if you can put some crazy spin on a ball, but a good rugby player can knock people off their feet, intercept balls, score a conversion, are fast enough to score a try and can generally keep their speed this whole time. And, when it comes down to teamwork, Rugby is definitely one of the sports where teamwork is showed the best and is most important. A rugby team is like a machine, and each player is a different part, and if every player does his job well, the Rugby team can bulldoze the other team.
    In conclusion, not only does rugby require physical fitness, intelligence, teamwork and skill, but there are no real star players. Any player can make a name for himself as long as he can tackle, ruck, maul, scrum and go into contact. Rugby also helps with other sports, and generally gets you in better shape than other sports do.

  • Rugby is bomb

    Tennis is for the weak. Rugby takes stamina, strength, and grit. Tennis is just running back and forth and hitting a ball, not very exciting to watch or play. Rugby is full if action and is never not exciting. The complexity of rugby makes it a mental sport along with the physicality. All apects of rugby make it a far superior sport than tennis

  • No, depends on taste.

    Rugby might be better for anyone who grew up in an area that actively practices it, or for those who love the sport. Tennis is also great though, and many people grew up around that one. In the end it depends on individual taste though because the sports are so different from one another.

  • This is ridiculous

    Come on we all know that Tennis is far superior to all sports there is no debating this. You would have to be silly to say yes. Rugby is a great sport but if you play both at their most competitive levels tennis is far better on so many levels. Particularly ways excitement, intelligence, physical fitness and skill required to play the sports. Like I said Rugby is a great sport but its like in hockey when a good goalie is backup to a legend starter.

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