Is Rumsfeld being unfairly criticized for his "trained ape" comment?

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  • No, Rumsfeld deserves all he gets

    You can't tell me that there isn't racism behind comments like Rumsfeld's "trained ape" remark. It can't be an accident that a black man is likened to an ape. And just as offensive is the notion that Donald Rumsfeld, one of the architects of the Iraq War, a huge foreign policy debacle, is criticizing anyone else's conduct of foreign policy. It's outrageous.

  • He should know better

    I don't think he meant any harm by his comment but it was a stupid thing to say. He has been around public offices and should know what can and can not be said. He should be criticized (for his stupidity not him being racist) but not piled upon. A simple apology from him and most people will be content.

  • Rumsfeld show know better

    It is really amazing how some of these people ever made it so high in office with how immature they are. Here we have Rumsfeld, who was in charge of our defence for many years, and he cannot make a simple comment without totally disrespecting the President and the color of his skin. He not only disrespected the President, but disrespected the country as a whole. He knows better, and made that comment for a reason.

  • Seriously? Rummy a victim?

    A man that pretty much defined coercive commentary and rudeness is worried that people are unfairly targeting him for his scorched earth commentary and aristocratic superiority complex? Well, I guess in self centered world of Rummy, where everyone and everything else is merely an orbiting gnat, having the gnats criticize the comment is the problem. Wouldn't want to have to pierce the ego of an aristocrat with such bothersome things like simply civility ... Which is only important when addressing superiors anyway apparently ... Gnats are not that are they?

  • No, he knows what he's doing

    Whether or not people want to see it as a comment on the President's race or just a comment on his intelligence, the language is offensive. When you say a "trained ape" can do better than any human, you are degrading the human you reference. So anyway you that you look at it, race or no race. It's just a rude comment in general.

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