• Rush Limbaugh is a good radio host.

    Rush Limbaugh is a good radio host. He has been at the job for a very long time and he knows what he is doing. He selects and talks about issues that matter and tries not to be too controversial in what he is talking about. I think Rush Limbaugh is a good host.

  • Yes, Rush is a good radio host.

    Rush Limbaugh is a good radio host. Even though I am not a fan of his nor do I listen to his radio show, I think that the guy is a good radio host. I think that the guy has been around for a while because he is good at his job. I also think that his fans seem to think he is a good radio host.

  • Drug addicts don't have good sense of logic

    The chemicals in the brain that help sustain healthy brain functions don't exist in an addicts brain in proportionate numbers. With long-term abuse of pain killers Rush just doesn't have the mental capacity to develope and sustain a logical argument that can stand up to counterpoints furthermore like most addicts he creates his own personal delusions that are predominantly short sighted and narrow. His radio show may be entertaining but is definitely not informative.

  • No He is not

    I had a college healthcare professor called his radio show to voice his opinion against Rush's opinion on healthcare. Rush was against universal healthcare but my professor was and because of that he would not let him on the air to talk on the phone. Rush is a bigot period

  • No. Rush is not a good host.

    Rush expounds to say a simple thing. Tracking his reasoning takes vigilance over the extended punchline and discipline to set aside his appeals to emotions, Like outrage and indignance. When he finally gets to the point and then delivers his patriotic opinion, He mentions his advertisers, Which is good for sales and bad for the peple who just got played. The level of rudeness to most of his callers is painful to hear.

  • Rush Limbaugh is not a good radio host.

    No, Rush Limbaugh is not a very good radio host. His comments may be good for ratings and therefore generate advertising dollars, however the content of his programs are rather incendiary and opinion based. Many people listen to opinion based programming and judge it as fact, so that can be dangerous.

  • No, Rush Limbaugh is not a good host.

    I find him to be very rude. I generally do not believe that talk shows should be about politics, is much rather listen to a comedy show or just a general discussion about science and new discoveries. I believe there are more important things to life than politics and I don't like to listen about them nor do I like the people who talk about them.

  • He gets paid handsomely

    To bring about hate in his listeners. It keeps people at each others throats, and allows certain people to profit off of Rush Limbaugh's listeners fears. Why do you think his listeners love guns so much? It is also a tool to make sure the politicians who Rush Limbaugh likes get all kinds of funding for their campaigns. The whole thing is a racket. It is a vicious circle, and that is why Rush is paid the most out of any radio talk show host.

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