• Yes, full of funny, entertaining hot air.

    I remember back in the early 90s, shortly after Clinton took office, that I discovered Rush Limbaugh. I was a recent college graduate, completely fed up and burned out by all the BS liberal ideology that is epidemic on most college campuses, and he was the first public conservative voice I became aware of. He was obtuse, controversial, and brazenly unapologetic with his constant attacks on the liberal agenda. I became a huge fan.

    I never took him seriously, but I loved how he would enrage liberals the way they used to enrage me for 5 years. And he was FUNNY! His arguments were shallow, poorly informed and borderline racist/sexist, but just the thought of liberals frothing at the mouth and chewing the carpet as I laughed uproariously was enough to keep me hooked for several years.

    Political discussion in this country isn't about a thoughtful exchange of ideas (hasn't been for decades), it's about shouting and name calling and demonizing your opponent, and Rush was a master.

  • Rush to judgement?

    This once useful and productive thinker has allowed himself to be manipulated by conservative and right wing political factions. For money, of course. Lots and lots of money. Like a skilled carnival barking pitchman, Limbaugh packs loyal listeners into his tent and then entertains them by viciously attacking any and every liberal point of view. Often using illogical reasoning and incorrect facts. Add nasty to the hot air!

  • Yes, he is very hypocritical.

    Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite and his opinions probably shouldn't be listened to. He is for "traditional marriage" but has cheated on multiple wives and been remarried several times. He condemns people for drug addiction but had a prescription drug addiction of his own. He is just a conservative pundit saying hateful things and shouldn't be trusted!!

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