• He's in a world of his own.

    Limbaugh carries on a three hour conversation each day largely with himself. Real world situations be they work, politics or anything else involves interactions with others who may counter with a myriad of sensible philosophies and ideas. In Limbaugh land he is a Dictator of thought. This leads
    to unrealistic expectations for many in the GOP.

  • He's created a climate of stridency and anger

    He, and others like him, are responsible for the Trump disaster that could cost the party not only the White House but also the Senate. The majority of Republicans are moderate-right conservatives who are motivated by a love of country than they are a hatred of the Obama Administration. But the Limbaughs of the world have focused the conversation away from the ideology of conservativism towards anti-Obamaism and have made it nearly impossible for reasonable Republicans like the former Speaker to get anything done because compromise, the central characteristic of a democracy, is seen as treason by Dittoheads and their ilk. As a lifelong Republican and conservative, I am as repulsed by the negativity of Limbaugh (Savage, Hannity, Coulter) as I am by their peers on the left. And so are the American voters.

  • He's cheap entertainment.

    I listen once in a great while to get a good laugh at how self absorbed he is and how the majority of those who call in seem to have tabloid mentality. I'd rather listen to the radio than to watch him as his big soft body is usually squeezed into a horizontal striped shirt that makes him look more like a poorly dressed Michelin man than an accredited analyst. This man is most certainly a nail in the coffin for the Republican Party.

  • Rush Limbaugh is causing damage to the Republican Party reputation.

    Rush Limbaugh's overly blunt and insensitive way of making arguments in favor of the Republican Party have caused problems with the image of Republicans. As someone who is a very visible and vocal member of the Republican Party he should be more careful with how he speaks, as people will think all members behave and think as he does.

  • Limbaugh hurts the GOP.

    He is an entertainer pretending to be a news analyst. Anytime you hate as much as he does, that hate diminishes you, makes you irrelevant.

    He doesn't respect our president, calls our lovely First Lady Moochelle, and has made disrespectful comments about the Obama daughters.

    On the world stage, he tarnishes America's image.

  • He is the worst example of a Republican.

    Limbaugh is reactionary and loud about topics that are not important to the Republican party. He puts a bad face on the party and leads people to believe that all Republicans are just like him. That is not a fair picture, and that hurts the Republican party and the image of those who are a part of it.

  • People are fed up with his comments.

    Yes, I think that Rush Limbaugh is hurting the Republican Party. Many people are so fed up with his comments (I'm guessing both Democrats and Republicans), and this is surely not reflecting well on the Republican Party. Viewpoints that may have seemed valid at some point may not anymore because of Limbaugh.

  • No, but he's helping the democratic party.

    Rush Limbaugh is not hurting the Republican Party; if they felt he were, he would be reeled in by his own. Perhaps he is in the sense that he is helping the democratic party, because he reinforces their attitudes that republicans are bigoted, selfish, greedy people who only care about themselves instead of having a true stake in our country.

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