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  • Hes a mad cunt

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  • He's a genius

    Russell brand has strong opinions on most things, he represents them well and doesn't always show his intelligence because of how he acts, extremely flirtatious and sometimes rude. If you watch the MSNBC interview on YouTube it shows his intelligence in part, he is very opinionated and basically does the anchors jobs better than they do themselves.

  • Makes me think of Lenny Bruce.

    The fuzz in the brain of many from the avalanche of news engulfing us all, is absent in Russell - he sees what is going on with uncanny clarity, sometimes a bit too simplistically, but still better than anyone else who is trying to warn us lemmings of the cliffs ahead.

  • Wisdom more than knowledge

    Although Russell Brand is undeniably appealing; from his suave confidence to stunningly quick wit. To only talk about these fairly superficial elements would be entirely missing the point. What makes Russell Brand a person of influence is in his ability to get people to reconsider forgotten and over-written information in a new light, questioning what they believe and allowing them to utilize their innate intelligence to "be the change they want to see in the world.".

    To the many articles claiming that Russell brand is an under-informed moron i say: society needs people that are not afraid to speak out against the current systems that govern us and the media that more often than not - do not represent equally world events that impact us. Without a doubt those with a funding power have control (as we would expect from a materialistic and capitalist society) - however is this right? And do they represent the needs of the many or the needs of the few?

  • I would say crucially he is a very bright man

    This is my opinion due to the consideration of a number of factors. He has managed to accumulate enough intellectual superiority to make it in the world of comedy which is competitive and where comedians are trying to out do each other on the funniest jokes and witty punch-lines.

    He has also managed to be taken seriously on a political and social level which believe me is very difficult for someone of his class, social background and the overall perception people have of him. He has started doing interviews and matching people such as Jeremy Paxman which is very impressive.

    I think he is beyond intelligent and to the point of genius!!

  • Russell Brand is smart

    Russell Brand is smart and savvy and carefully markets himself and his show to create an image people want to see. He is careful to project his carefully cultivated image whenever he needs to and allow only the amount of over the top crazy the public will easily accept show. He has proven time and again he has this all under control.

  • Yes he is

    If you watch the interviews he's done, it's amazing to see how bold and confident he is. He knows exactly what he's talking about and knows how to make his presence known and respected in a room. He seems very true to himself, and very comfortable with what he's saying.

  • Very perceptive individual

    He acknowledges the circumstances in which people's realities are shaped which is important. He is intelligent in that he knows that to be able to challenge other people's existing opinions, you need to be open- minded to new ideas and lifestyles. He is also smart in choosing the platforms to express these ideas to get people thinking.

  • I'd say empirically he's intelligent, yes

    In his BBC interview and other appearances he's made it's pretty apparent that he's well informed, articulate, capable of forming logical conclusions based on information instead of passionate prejudice. He's clearly well educated and capable of a civil discussion. These are all hallmarks of someone who I'd label "smart" - the issue isn't whether someone agrees with him on his conclusions, the issue here is whether he's smart. He clearly is that.

  • I think he is definitely not smart

    Anyone who thinks that revolution is a bright idea is not smart at all. Anyone with any sort of historical knowledge will realise that any previous attempt of revolution failed miserably. Take the example of the revolution against tzarist Russia - the atrocities of the Stalinist regime, the misery of the people, and the eventual failure of communism. It never worked, and was never going to. The same will happen in any revolution.

    I think that his views are completely misguided, which is an illustration of his vast stupidity.

  • I don't think he's stupid

    But he certainly doesn't come across as especially intelligent. He tends to just unleash a barrage of words, many that are fairly obscure, to say something that could have been said in far fewer words. Which is not smart. He's got a bit of the Stephen Fry pseudo-intelligence going on, although Stephen Fry is fairly smart (just no where near as smart as some people seem to think he is). Still, he's probably more intelligent than most celebrities, but that is not saying much.

  • Confidence is not intelligence

    This guy speaks with a lot of confidence, but his arguments are not terribly well informed. He speaks quickly like I'm writing this paragraph quickly -- without much information about the topic at hand, without the patience to go and learn about it in better depth, and without the critical thought needed to verify whether what I'm saying is true or not.

  • Big words are easy

    From my observations, Russell does react quickly to comments with a raft of long words he may have picked up on reading Wikipedia on the Tube, but his arguments hold little fact or thought . He announced that the revolution is coming and he and his cohorts will take down the rich. As he says "we have the tools to communicate fast and spread the word across the internet"
    Is it not those rich who invest in such tools on the Internet to bring to the masses? Who is going to pay for the up keep of these services and develop them.
    All I can say is he is the cleverest Politician you will meet. A politician who makes people believe he is not a Politician...Now that's clever

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Quatermass says2013-10-27T22:30:28.477
I cannot vote. Nobody has indicated what standards are considered 'smart' or what is meant by the word 'smart'. A 1st century roman is 'smart' in comparison to a caveman, just as we are smart in comparison to a 1st century Roman.