• You have to be

    Every power has to be aggressive if they want to keep their power.The US is aggressive.Russia is aggressive. China is aggressive. Any country with a lot of power is aggressive. The only thing keeping the powers of the world in check is the presense of other large world powers. Practically every middle eastern power is also aggressive.

  • Recent events have shown yes

    Russia invaded Crimea due to Ukraine attempt to join the EU, threatening Finland with World War 3 if it joins the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, saying Poland will be a nuclear target if it accepted the Missile Defense System, bombing of Georgia have clear shown that they are aggressive and something that might be worrying.

  • History, History, History.

    Russia has always been an aggressive nation, like every other nation as well. In recent news, Russia took Crimea from Ukraine and are battling pro-Ukrainian citizens for control of the eastern pro-Russian lands. Russia is a giant bully who needs more land to assert its power over others, simply because of Ukraine's constitutional right to self-determination. Ukraine doesn't deserve to be controlled by a superpower simply because its citizens want to side with the EU. Russia will never come back to its positive reputation and the UN should take drastic measures against Russia,

  • They already have all that land

    Russia already has the most land. If they don't just like being aggressive and throwing their weight around for the sake of it then why not give the separatists free land in Russia? It beats a costly expensive war that will sour relations and sink Russia's economy in the future. Maybe if Russia played nicely it could join the European Union. With all its land, resources, and population it would instantly be the most influential member. But Russia will have to spend decades repairing trust with other nations to get there.

  • Not anymore than anybody else

    In fact, in comparison to the US they aren't an aggressive nation, and I think it's funny that people assume they are. The Ukraine is Russian business, in Russia's backyard, and it is partly filled with ex-Russians.

    Maybe we forget that the United States has operated within a sphere of influence that reaches down into South America. We have DESTROYED entire countries in the past 50 years to "prevent Communism" or to protect American interests. We ravaged, for example, Guatemala. We did plenty of illegal stuff.

    We invaded Iraq on false information, and it was information we knew was false. Iraq is not in America's backyard.

    People need some perspective on this situation.

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