• The president of the us and russia are friends and russia's president wanted trump.

    So in other words the real reason that we don't think so is because we want another war because they don't care about politics more than likely and we the us just wants to keep them our friend. And remember and they helped us in WWII so they need some respect.

  • We are Allies

    We were Allies back in World War II. We used to be enemies back in the First Cold War, until 1991 came by. Russia and The USA are allies, but very acquaintancly. Russia and South Korea do have a close relationship as were are with South Korea, France, and Israel. It is possible that Russia will be our allies in World War III.

  • Why They Are Friends

    It seems that they would have to be friends since the new problem with north Korea could doom them both if they don't work together. As som eone else said before,they were friends since the 90s. I don't know how that could get so complicated. Anyway,my point is here, they are friends, that are having a little fight right now that they will probably forget in 3 years time.

  • Trump and Putin are friends

    Friends stick together. Trump and putin represent their people so therefore we're friends with russia. We also gave them mcdonalds and levi jeans so they love us. If we hadn't given them these things, they would still be stuck way back in the Soviet Union. But as it stands now we're definitely close pals

  • Just for now

    I definitely they've been an ally, especially helping out the U.S. against Japan. However I do believe when the time comes Russia will turn on their "Ally" the U.S. Especially with China being an ally of theirs and not ours. Russia is also an Ally of Syria, we are in a war in Syria, and Russia is on their side so I think right there shows they will go against us.

  • Yes of course

    Russia is not mad at us plus Russia helped us take down Japan. Russia I hope will never ever ever be an enemy. If Russia becomes our enemy we will be in big shit. They have a nuke that has 6 other nukes in it plus one can destroy a state the size of Texas. The name of the nuke is named The Satan 2

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  • Yes, but tenuously.

    Russia is not an enemy of the United States per se - they aren't antagonistic toward each other as they were during the Cold War - so inasmuch as they aren't enemies I would say they could be classified as allies. While there is certainly tension between Putin and Obama, there is not the threat of nuclear war or cataclysm that defined the two countries' relationship before the fall of the USSR. Lots of work needs to be done diplomatically to ensure that Russia is trustworthy, but improved openness of Russian democracy (at least on paper) and a willingness to bring relations with the West and the US into the 21st century signifies that Russia is an ally of the United States.

  • For The Most Part

    I believe Russia is an ally of the United States. It is obvious that the two countries are not always on the same side of a debate, but they often give the other a reasonable and formidable force when a clear answer is not evident. I believe Russia and the United States work towards the same goal more often than the work opposed to each other.

  • They are allies

    Russia and the US are allies and have been allies since the fall of the Soviet Union in the very early 90s. Russia and the US have a tumultuous relationship at times during lingering bad feeling from the the Cold War era, but, the countries cooperate generally and are allies.

  • For God's sake NO!

    I'm so sick of this nonsense. The answer is NO! Trump has nothing to do with Russia. Russia is no friend to us. Russia has been jealous of the U. S. Because they've always felt that they have treated inferior. Russia is a rogue state. C'mon folks, Wake up, This is getting old.

  • Russia is NOT an ally

    The NBC News SurveyMonkey online poll found that only 23% see Russia as friendly and only 5% say the nation is “An ally to our country. ” More than ⅔ polled said Russia was either unfriendly (43%) or a U. S enemy (25%)

    The survey also found that a plurality of Americans (27%) think Russia “currently poses the greatest immediate threat to the united states in comparison to North Korea, ISIS, China, And Iran.

  • They hate us. Big time.

    On the question of the Russian federation, I say that we aren't allied with them. The Russian people have always seen the West as treating them inferior. Therefore, they have always tried to rival us. Now with the leadership of Vladimir Putin, the Russian people feel like they are superior to the West. They have shown their dreams for rivaling Western countries by annexing Crimea, Chechnya, and by supporting regimes in Syria, North Korea, China, and parts of the Newly Independent States (NIS), or countries that gained independence when the Soviet Union fell. By supporting rebellions in Crimea, Transnistria, and other rebellious provinces, they show that they will stop at nothing to rival the West.

  • WAR I tell you

    I say no cause we have had and are having war so I think we should not be it is inhumane do you agree com on people that would be a stupid idea they could bring guns to peoples homes and kill them or worse start bombing homes and take you life.

  • No they aren't

    Think about it call of duty style trust no one. Trump is like a pickle. Follow @krisproductions. Follow the dank memes yooooooo Anders eats Poop and Packer hates Memes And rohan loves 911 jokes. Rey loves jec by the way. This is by xclonestudios. This was so worth it bro

  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer as they always say.

    We may be allies in name, but the truth is that we're like 2 bullies on the block. Many politicians would probably tell you that Russia is our closest ally and friend, but here's my question to them. Do friends sanction each other and bulky each other with threats? Russia has taken Ukraine and are supplying the Syrian Government with arms while the US supplies the Syrian Rebels with weapons. You can't be allies if you're constantly going against each other. Thank you and God bless

  • I wouldn't call them an ally, or an enemy.

    No, I would not consider Russia an ally of the United States. The country's leadership did not grow up in a vacuum, it well remembers the Cold War and being bested by the USA on multiple occasions. They're simply too poor to keep playing the nuclear brinksmanship game, so they try to tolerate us now.

  • No, they aren't.

    Russia might technically be an ally of the United States, but they behave more like an enemy. Russia supports many ruthless dictators and many enemies of the United States. They are also viruently anti gay and while the United States still has a way to go with LGBT rights, Russia is now light years behind. It seems like just about everything Russia does is against our beliefs here.

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