• They Really Are

    I believe Russian and the United States often get frustrated with each other because they often have opposing ideas on how to handle a situation, prime example being Syria, but as of right now we are allies. This is far better than being enemies, such as during the Cold War, since the two countries are so large and powerful they could really do massive damage if they weren't on the same side. I also think the opposing ideas between the two countries benefit everyone for the most part because it gives an air of balance to the world.

  • The Cold War is over

    It's been a long time since Russia was the big bad on the world stage, they compete against us in trade and business, that's a far cry from being an implacable ideological enemy, Besides, looking at how they've handled the Olympic games, i'm reasonably sure we don't have a lot to worry about.

  • Russia Ally of the United States

    I personally think that Russia is an ally of the United States because they became the two nations of liberation of Europe. I personally think that Russia is an ally of the United States because of the Cold War that took place as well as the Soviet Union that also played an important part.

  • Russia is an ally to many.

    Russia is really an ally of the United States. Russia tries to maintain diplomatic ties with all countries, even the ones the United States considers enemy states. Russia maintains a tight balance of camaraderie with different peoples. It is in their country's history to do so, considering how many ethnictities they had to keep at peace under the rule of the USSR.

  • They dont like us

    They dont like us. They want to blow us to bits and use our weapons and stuff and things and they want trump as president so they can controll him and make him give them our information and sonfidential things and stuff. They want to take over the united states of america.

  • Russia has never been an ally

    Russia may not be an enemy of the United States but they have never been our ally. Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the United States publicly in the Munich Speech and Russia continues to disagree with many US and NATO policies. I doubt we will have another Cold War anytime soon but Russia is definitely not our ally.

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