Is Russia the United States' biggest competitor (yes), or is China (no)?

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  • USA is no match for russia

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  • China is the biggest competitor

    Russia's long-standing history with the U.S. ended with the fall of the USSR - and arguably ended long before that as recent history has borne out with broader studies of the economy of the USSR. The post-USSR economy that is now Russia cannot even begin to compare to that of China - much less the United States. Economic power is the biggest determinant, and accordingly China ousts Russia in the competition.

  • No the United States' biggest competitor is China.

    The United States' biggest competitor for international trade is China. From heavy equipment to high tech products the Chinese are fast gaining market share, at the expense of US companies. They are gaining for many reasons, price being only one of superiority. As much as we try not to admit it, the Chinese are building better product, for a lower cost.

  • China is the biggest competitior

    In recent events in the Olympics it may seem as if Russia is the main competitor. Also after many years of Cold War it could seem that Russia is the main competitior. But now after the new economies have taken off it is clear that China is the biggest because it is the next biggest economy besides USA.

  • China is the biggest competitor.

    China is the current manufacturing giant of the modern world. Most products today are either fully made in China, or some components within them are. Russia has a very small manufacturing sector that supplies Europe with a few items. The only reason that the US has not had a full economic collapse is the shift to the service and financial markets, which it leads. The next competition is way down the line.

  • China is the US's biggest competitor.

    I think that with the economy of China growing, and with the amount of money that the U.S.A. owes the country, it is clear that they are America's biggest competitor. That does not mean, however, that the U.S.A. will lose their status to the Chinese since America is still the superpower.

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