• Yes, I believe that Russia withdrawing from Syria is a bad move.

    Yes, I believe that Russia withdrawing from Syria is a bad move because Russia was helping restore order in the region and their absence can mean more violence between Assad's forces and the opposition forces. I believe that in order to stop the Syrian civil war, all the world's major forces need to be involved.

  • Russia was wrong to withdraw from Syria

    Russia withdraw from Syria too early. They haven't accomplished what they set out to do there yet. It sounds like they might be trying to pressure Assad into making some kind of statement, but it seems like a pretty risky way to push for a statement. A more gradual transition probably would have been a safer move.

  • Not good at all.

    We need them smelly potato eating, vodka drinking, sand nigger killing Russians to stay there and slay those damn goat-fuckers. Without them, terrorism will only expand and could cause possibly another world war. The world war where we finally defeat terrorism and kill all the goats they fucked. We need them Russians to stay there and kill terrorism before it gets even bigger than it already is.

  • Withdrawing is a bad idea

    I don't believe that they should withdraw until all terrorists are put down, weather that means apprehended or killed. There continuous murder of innocent people, for the mere fact that they don't follow the same belief system is preposterous, and completely unacceptable. There should be no let up when it comes to military action until they are defeated.

  • Better Russia than Nothing

    No, Russia withdrawing from Syria was not a good idea because when there's a power void in the country, extremists rush in. That's what happened in Afghanistan. Even though Russia isn't a perfect ally of the United States, at least they're powerful. Russia can keep the peace. Having Russia in power in Syria is at least better than millions of innocent people dying in Syria.

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