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    I personally think that Sacagawea is the most important of all the Native Americans in the United States. I personally think that Sacagawea is important because of how it was affected by Native Americans. I personally think Sacagawea is the most important because of how it was known and how the people was affected.

  • Yes, Sacagawea is the most important of all the Native Americans

    Sacagawea helped tremendously with the Lewis and Clark expedition of the newly-acquired territories of France. She was able to bring together many different tribes and create an environment which was less divisive for all - her role could simply not be matched by any other Native American in US history

  • There are many.

    No, Sacagawea is not the most important of all the Native Americans in United States history, because she is one of many who made monumental contributions. Pocahontas was instrumental in leading peace between the two parties. There are so many Native Americans who helped bring peace to relations with the settlers, that no one can be said to be the most important or the best.

  • No, Squanto is the most important

    I believe that Squanto was the most important of all Native Americans in U.S. history. Squanto taught the Pilgrims of Plymouth colony Native American ways to fertilize crops and to catch fish and other local wildlife. Without him, the Pilgrims probably would have died out and their colony would have been a failure. Who knows if there would even be a United States today if not for Squanto?

  • Maybe One Of The Most Recognized - by White People

    While non-Native Americans may only be able to name a few Native American leaders, if any, they generally have an idea of who Sacagawea is - if only because she is on a coin. However, Native Americans have a long history of great leaders, great orators, great warriors, and great dreamers that other American's are completely unaware of. What of Red Cloud, Cheif Joseph, Black Elk, Sequoyah, Cheif Hancock, Blue Jacket, Techumseh, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull. To consider Sacagawea the most important Native American in U.S. History is a bit like saying Andrew Jackson was our most important president.

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