• Sacrificing goats is appropriate.

    If the killing is done in a respectful way, I think the sacrifice is okay. I'm not for telling a different culture of people that their ways are wrong just because they are not the ways of my culture. I am for the well-treatment of animals though. A humane killing would be best.

  • What gives one culture the right to judge another?

    First of all, the sacrifice took place in 2007. Second, it was part of a religious ceremony as an offering seeking protection in flight. Third, the Hindu deity to whom the offering was made is represented on the airline's logo. We may not understand other religious practices, but Hindu practices date back to 5500BC. Who except Hindus have the right to question the validity of such practices?

  • Yes, sacrificing goats is appropriate for Nepal Airlines

    What is appropriate for one airline may not be for others. Who's to say what is right for Nepal Airlines other than them? If they want to sacifice goats, that's on them. Nobody outside of the airline should be able to criticize what they do. If they choose to sacrifice goats, then they should be free to do so.

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  • Sacrifing Goats Over the Line for Nepal Airlines

    Religious issues and actions have no place in businesses or business transactions. Not only does including religious practices have the potential to lose business from those who are of a different religion or from those are offended. Slaughtering animals will never have a place in a business environment, and is in no way appropriate in a non-religious environment,

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