• Sagging pants are bad

    Yes, sagging pants are bad for any age because when younger kids look at the older men and their pants are sagging it is very obvious that the young boys are going to start or want to sag their pants. Plus it is just plain gross when a little girl looks at people who have their pants sagging are probably say gross loud enough that the parent and little girl will have to run away because the man may beat up on them

  • Do you know the origin?

    Sagging pants originated as a way for male inmates in prison to let other male inmates know of their sexual orientation towards men. A male inmate with sagging pants meant that that particular inmate was available for sexual actions with men. So unless a male is looking to let other men know that he is available for sex, I would not suggest the sagging pants to anyone.

  • I like sagging.

    I myself sag, And I really don't see what's wrong with it. It's just a style and a way to wear your pants. I am more comfortable when I sag. There is nothing wrong with wanting to show your boxer shorts to the world. It's just a thing we do.

  • It's absolutely obscene.

    Since when did showing your butt become "fashion"? It truly DOES make one appear stupid and stupidly rebellious. I remember my old mother-in-law saying to her son, "ah, you're showing your butt again" when he misbehaved. So, let the blacks go downhill more. (And some whites, too.) I certainly wouldn't hire them.

  • Sagging Pants are Bad

    Sagging pants are bad because of several reasons. When young children see young adults wearing their pants down, it does not set a good example for them. In addition to this, first impressions are made off of attitude, body language, and physical appearance. Due to this, if you go around with your pants worn improperly, it will make you seem nonintellectual.

  • You look stupid!

    When you look stupid people assume you are stupid. Nobody wants to see your drawers, under wear or butt crack and you look stupid showing it and waddling around like a penguin. It is offensive to conservative people. Conservative people (of all races, genders, and ethnicities) run things in every society, make the rules and laws, are the lawyers and judges, doctors, teachers and professors and give you your grades in school, hire people and fire people, control companies, control the banks and the money, run the government and shape the opinions of the masses. You might think it is cool and that you have the right to dress how you want. Unfortunately you are governed by the unspoken rules and laws that again, are determined by conservative people. Those who approve of sagging will never win. So, if you sag and can't get a job, do poorly in school, get profiled by law enforcement, or have other stigmas attached to you understand that it has nothing to do with your race, age, gender, or anything else. It is the result of you being considered to be STUPID!!!

  • Sagging is bad

    Sagging is bad because it shows all the devil worshippers on earth that need to GO..... TO...... HELL!!!!! ALSO IT SHOWS ALL THE IGNORANT PEOPLE ON EARTH THAT I THINK WHO SHOULD BE DEAD!!!!! IF YOU WANT TO SAG GO..... TO.... HELL because that is where you are heading when you die and when you saggers go to hell I think you deserve it with y'all retarded ignorant asses AND SAGGING SHOWS ALL THE GAY PEOPLE ON EARTH BECAUSE IF YOU'RE NOT GAY ? PULL UP YOUR PANTS, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GO TO HELL AND HAVE YO ASS SORE AFTER SOME GAY MAN HAS RAPING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sagging pants should not be aloud

    People who sag should get a ticket are some because that look nasty at special when big people try to do it and have on them big under wear it look like that shitted on them selves and that disrespect to a lady then sag bring attention to you in a bad way

  • The word sagging is unappealing for a reason.

    Unless you are trying to tell the world you are a homosexual prisoner who is willing to have sexual intercourse, please pull up your trousers. There is nothing attractive about showing off your underpants to everybody, and trust me, all girls will be only disgusted at the sight of huge ass.

  • Nothing is bad

    Its comfortable and if you gain weight you can still were it h h h h h h h h h in in ikn in ikn in in ikn kin nikn olnm o o omoinki i o io o ni j k j ij j j0o iknk onol oin n state record is 47 percent yes 53 percent no were hagging on saggers

  • Why would it be bad

    Why do you care how other people dress, It doesn’t affect you in any way so you should just mind you own business. All the celebrities sag but no one cares so why would you care about a random strangers pants? It doesn’t make any sense what so ever.

  • Sagging isn't fair no more

    Everyone has freedom over what ever they want to wear. Its there choice at the end to see if they want to sag or not. Sagging isn't bad because it's a fashion statement. There is no rule for sagging whatsoever. Today I got ISS (In School Suspension) for sagging, not having the right color pants (even though Iv'e had these pants since the start of the school year), and not wearing my school sweater. SWEATER! This is my first time in ISS so I was a little scared, but when i was about to get a detention, the person writing me up noticed that i was sagging. I got ISS for it. I didn't try to fight it because every time I said something, he would go "ARE YOU RAISING YOUR VOICE" and then id have to say "no sir". My point is, life isn't fair and that sagging shouldn't be a problem.

  • There's nothing bad about it

    Sagging is just a trend regardless of its origin. If females are allowed to be almost naked why can't boy just pull down their pants a little. It's not like they're showing off their butt, since their underwear is still there. Doesn't make sense to me why it is being opposed.

  • Sagging your trousers

    It is cool I think but it looks cool in public and makes you look trendy. Especially when you are with your mates and people should not judge young men for what there style is also if you where your snap back backwards it looks really cool. Also I think that you should only sag your pants if you are teenager up to young man (P.S I sag my trousers I think it so stylish and trendy.)

  • I think it is not a bad thing

    Every boy i sags them until the bottom of the elastic band so i find no issues with it , but sagging down your butt is a bad thing and not very publicly decent for people to look at especially in children's environment, boys age 9+ can sag there pants to the elastic , its very normal.

  • It ain't bad

    One of my classmates sags and I am not offended. When I turn 12, Imma start hanging with some boys who do it. Plus it is not cool for public places to put up stupid rules on clothing. This is a free country so some people think it is gross but hey, it's how most people dress

  • Sagging is a fad similar to many.

    Over time, there have been many different stylistic eras, some of which have remained, and some of which have not; many of which have origins which are no longer associated with the style. One comparison to another somewhat controversial modern trend is the haircut resembling that of the Hitler's Youth. This haircut features a longer top with shaved sides and has become popular among all genders in the 21st century. This style no longer carries the negative connotations it once held by its origin, and it would be unfair to associate those with this haircut with neo-nazis or Hitler's Youth. Similarly, those who argue that sagging should not be done unless alluding to homosexuality should note that in many instances, styles do not convey their original meaning, and should be separated allowing those who like the style to not have to associate with the original meaning.
    Pertaining to the argument that sagging is bad for young boys: I think that this worry is in many ways rather sexist and insists upon the continuation of gendered clothing stereotypes and social rules. The exposure to different styles will help youth of any age, but especially at a younger age, achieve a more diverse world view and a less prejudiced view of those who present differently from their familial and close social surroundings.
    In conclusion, sagging does not and should not have to allude to an underground homosexual society, and does not need to offend the youth of today. Sagging needs to be viewed, as do many other clothing trends, as a means of stylistic preference only. Once this is achieved it will be easier for society to overlook prejudice held based on presentation and appearance.

  • Just because you disagree, doesn't make it bad.

    Not liking something is not a reason to be against it entirely. We have more important issues to be worrying about than the way people dress. We are all allowed to dress the way we want and not face criticism. I can understand wanting to be professional and that's fine but sagging pants is not anything to get upset about.

  • I dont care

    I don't give a shit about how you wear your pants I do it and I think it looks cool. People can look how they fuckin want to. If you don't like it then don't pay any attention to people who do it. Some girls like guys with sagging pants to you know!

  • No stop it people

    It doesn't matter let us be who we we
    not stop telling is what to wear no body cares about it let people wear what that want to w3era. Let us express o0ur true emotions and let us be ourselves. I would like top remain anonymous please than you guys

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