• The better game

    Saints row the third princes gta v every way. Saints row isn't run by a bunch of money lovers that rockstar is and the game is just better. Better story, more fun, and more customization. Gta v just beats saints row for being newer. Therefore rip gta v no chance for beating

  • Quality over popularity.

    What makes Saints Row: The Third such a masterpiece is the amount of effort that went in to every bit of the game. The story is over the top and hilarious, the characters are very entertaining, the driving and combat systems are SUPERB to GTA V, and I had unimaginable fun exploring the massive city of Steelport.

    While GTA V is a good game, it was, as stated above, built up on hype. The single-player mode is very stale, and the online servers are mostly devoid of life and is very boring until higher levels. These two games are a perfect example; when two games of a similar design are coming out, quality is always superior to popularity.

  • Definitely more fun

    While I wouldn't say it's necessarily better, SR3 is definitely more fun than GTA V. The over the top action and story make it outrageously entertaining. Both my girl and I enjoy the customization and vehicles of SR3 better than GTA V. It makes me wonder what the developers were thinking with SR4, awful game.

  • Saints Row 3 is better.

    Saints Row 3 is by far the better game then Grand Theft Auto 5. Saints Row 3 actually added more things into its core game play while Grand Theft Auto 5 remained stagnant. Regardless of what the sales say, Grand Theft Auto 5 was all built up on hype while Saints Row 3 was made with quality.

  • Saints Row 3 is not better than Grand Theft Auto 5

    Grand Theft Auto is a popular franchise with a lot of history. Although Saints Row is also growing in popularity, it will never be able to replace the legendary Grand Theft Auto, which really defined its genre of games. Long time fans will always stay loyal to Grand Theft Auto.

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