• Sales Tax Income

    I personally think that there would be no loopholes for the very greedy rich ones (not that all rich people are greedy, but some are, and cheat) and every illegal alien, every criminal, everyone fraudulently receiving public aid would pay. Meanwhile, those people who are actually poor would not pay more than their share because sales tax never applies to necessities like groceries.

  • Sales Tax is better than income tax

    Sales tax is better because it effects everyone, including those who work for cash and would not pay income tax. It also encourages people to save and invest by not penalizing these activities. A broader tax base is more desirable and a bit less vulnerable to economic turndowns because people will always need to buy food and necessities.

  • Sales tax is all that is needed.

    Yes, I think that sales tax is a better deal than income tax. I live in Washington, a state where we have no income tax and only sales taxes. Oh, and some special use taxes and fees. In Western Washington, we have a world class transportation system that is funded from those taxes. Income tax is not required.

  • Income tax is better than sales tax.

    I believe that income tax is better than sales tax because it goes into different sections of the federal government that can actually help people. From what I have read, it goes into our defense, health, and human services. I think that these are three very important sections for money to go. They help our soldiers who risk their lives for us everyday, and to the well-being of people all over the country, which is much needed these days.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe sales tax is better than income tax. I personally don't like sales tax because no one ever really knows how much the end up paying because it is charged on every purchase throughout the year. I'm sure if we were more aware of the actual figures we would be very upset about the total we pay in taxes.

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