• The trumpets, trombone and horns make it so

    I definitely believe the use of trumpets, trombones and horns, plus the sounds that form the background (the hitting of the drums). I believe that the drumkits in salsa formed the root for what would become hip-hop later. Salsa I don't even think is Puerto Rican. I believe it's Dominican/African music, and the trumpet/horn/trombone combo make it so.

    Even in my old church, when I thought of salsa I didn't think of my Puerto Rican pastor, but his half Puerto Rican/half Dominican children and his wife.

  • It's from new york

    Salsa music orihinatied in New York when Cuba and other Mexicans moved into America so it's not African it's Spanish. I need words so time to bash. Why don't you google it before asking a poll. How about listen to it sometime it's not very African and how about it just sounding Mexican.

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