• Added Salt is Too Unhealthy

    There is already a ton of salt in processed foods and it shouldn't be on the table as a seasoning. Plenty of vegetables already have sodium in them as part of a nutritionally-balanced diet. Sodium is necessary, just not in large amounts. There are other ways to season food like with potassium or other herbs and spices.

  • Salt is really bad for you

    Then again, it seems most things in this world are. I very rarely put salt on anything because most things are loaded with salt anyway. It is still up to people to decide what they want on their table though. Food just tastes bland without salt and sugar. People will either have to except the fact that they are going to have to eat bland food or unhealthy food.

  • No, this is a myth.

    A lot of people fail to realize that your body needs salts to survive and function. Of course excess salt is a problem, but it doesn't make salt unhealthy. Salt is vital to human beings and other mammals, and is an important electrolyte. MAny diets are actuallly too low in salt.

  • Some salt is healthy

    Salt in moderation is good for a person's health so it should not be removed from tables across America. Too much salt is certainly harmful and can cause many health problems. Kids need the right amount of salt to control their healthy levels of nutrients that they need to have.

  • No, I don't think salt is too unhealthy to have on the table.

    Everyone knows the negative health effects of putting too much salt on your meal but I think we should allow everyone to make the choice whether or not to add salt and how much salt they wish to add, I don't think salt is so dangerous it should be removed from tables.

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