Is Sam Levy getting the opportunity to open for John Ledgend a big boost for her career?

  • Opening for an established musician is positive.

    Sam Levy may not be a well-known name at this point, but John Legend is. He has a good public image and is well-liked by a variety of generations and musical tastes. The opportunity to open for him will give her a wide audience and most likely expand her fan base if she performs well.

  • Sam Levy benefits from opening for John Ledgend

    John Ledgend is extremely popular. Opening for him exposes the work of Sam Levy to many people who would not otherwise have heard it or about Sam Levy. It is almost certain to instantly increase her popularity and credibility to be associated with a person as respected and liked as John Ledgend.

  • Opening for a star is a great chance

    Many artists have found their way out of the shadows by opening for a great band, and Sam Levy should be no different. She's obviously got a huge amount of talent, and hopefully this is just the exposure that she needs to make the jump to the next level of success.

  • I can't find Sam Levy

    I see no Sam Levy artist, but a Sam Levy village where there was supposed to be a John Legend concert. The concert was cancelled and the ticket fees were refunded. Sam Levy village was a ticket return/refund box office point. Anyway, opening for an artist like John Legend would definitely be a career boost.

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