• Sodom and Gomorrah

    I will never support or ever judge homosexuality. My job in life is not persecute people for their actions, let the righteous be righteous. Every Christian's job is to teach the word of God. But curse thoughs who hear the word of God and go against it without repentance. But we have to live through theses sexual immorality times and overcome to recieve our salvation.

  • Harmful to who?

    I am a religious person. But if everyone takes a step back and looks at it, it doesn't harm anyone. Weather being homosexual is right or not, it does not harm anyone. The fact is by definition, marriage cannot be between homosexuals, however, I support "gay-marriage." It gives them dignity and tax breaks. I would rather two homosexuals get married and stay together forever than a straight man have four marriages.

  • Not at all

    The reason most people are against it is because of religion. Take religion out of it (which is what is supposed to happen) and you really have no problem. Problem with procreation? Well so do infertile couples so this isn't an issue on religion but an issue on equality really.

  • No identifiable harm

    The justifications for banning same-sex marriage and the arguments against it have no merit. I read a recent article on CNN about this; One argument asserts that same-sex marriage undermines efforts to channel procreation, which is groundless; infertile couples are allowed to wed, so procreation is not a necessity for marriage. Besides, thousands of children are waiting to be adopted, homosexual couples can contribute to that.

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