• Samsung is definitely cooler

    I find Samsung cooler based on the amount of features and the looks of the phones. Samsung phones, in my opinion, have a far better look than Apple. And Samsung beats Apple with features in their phones. S Pen, wireless charging, and more. They're also priced sometimes higher than Apple devices. So yes, Samsung is "cooler."

  • Samsung's new phones are innovative.

    Iphone users are brainwashed into thinking their phone is the only cool one. I think samsungs are just as good as iphones, maybe even better. Why is it so hard for apple users to admit that? Ok, iphones are simple and easy to use, but a samsung phone is simple too once you get used to it! Well I think they have really great new ideas and are just as cool as iphones.

  • Perception is reality

    This is entirely an opinion thing and not one that can be factually proven, if somebody thinks Apple is cooler then for them it is, the end. I think the dominant perception is turning more and more in Samsung's direction, people owning iPhones as status symbols are (finally) looked upon as the blowhards that they are these days. It's really in how you use it, you can be a fan of either brand and still be "cool" but I think Samsung is winning the fanboy war.

  • Still the leader for multiple reasons

    I prefer iPhone because of its build quality, simplicity, ergonomic, safety, and reliability. It's a gadget that just works. Its only disadvantage is price. If it cost the same as Samsung, Samsung would be out of business. I use Windows instead of a Mac on the desktop, and ironically I use Apple for mobile devices instead of Samsung for the same reasons.

  • No, it isn't

    No, I would have to strongly disagree that Samsung is way cooler than Apple. Apple is totally legitimate and has a solid history and clear character. Samsung is just a company. Apple is a lifestyle, for sure. Samsung does not have near the innovation that Apple has. Additionally, Apple has provided amazing products to its consumers.

  • No, Apple is better.

    Apple products have reigned superior when it comes to electronics. I think it is amazing how you can sync multiple devices and have technology that is so brilliant. The whole concept of Apple is to do more with less (effort that is). It takes less clicks to do the same thing that another product like Samsung can do.

  • Samsung Is Not Cooler

    I do not believe that Samsung is cooler than Apple. Part of Apple's appeal is that buying their products is a symbol of your status. That is one of the reasons that people are willing to fork over money for those ridiculously overpriced electronics. Samsung is a good brand but not as cool as Apple.

  • Different, not cooler than

    The 2 companies are very comparable, regarding the lines of products they release... However, both have utilized unique operating systems. And that is, merely, a matter of preference. For example, the only real difference in Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S3 is the operating system. Both phones contain nearly identical hardware and features, however, the software is very different.

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