• Ofcourse they over produce

    I don't think it is even a fair debate to say that Samsung don't over produce phones and tablets. In today's over active electronics market, Samsung tries to emulate Apple in products and services. I am sure that they have trumped Apple in more than one way but that is a whole other debate. To make an analogy for this topic I would refer to GallUp who when they make a survey only question a maximum of 1000 people. They do this since taking to many answers will cost much more and is not worth the money and effort put into it to get these minuscule results. That is why I believe that Samsung do over produce phones of they same performance level and qualities. That is just inefficient and useless. Having said that I do agree with Samsung for creating the most variety to control the market.

  • Yes, Samsung makes too many smartphones.

    In the battle between Samsung and Apple to capture the consumer market for smartphones, in many ways the two companies are worthy rivals, each with their own positive qualities. Yet one area in which Apple is clearly the winner is that the company understands how to optimize consumer interest in its products by not releasing new products too often. Samsung clearly has not grasped this concept, as they release far too many products for consumers to even hope to keep up with.

  • No, Samsung is not making too many smartphones.

    No, Samsung is not making too many smartphones. Samsung knows that there are consumers that will always want something new and shiny, and Samsung is catering to that market. As long as people keep buying them, Samsung should and will continue to make them. When the market slows down, the production of new designs will as well.

  • No, Samsung is not making too many smartphones

    Consumers deserve as many choices of smartphones in this day and age because these devices are becoming necessary for daily life. As a leader in the smartphone industry, Samsung should be committed to providing as many options and designs as possible. By doing this Samsung is fulfilling their commitment to their customers.

  • Too many smart phones? No way.

    Samsung, one of the leaders in mass producing smart phones, has been accused of making too many. While it is true that the makes of phones don't want the market over run with Samsung, the people feel otherwise. We the smart phone buying people want as many as possible. Different verities, sold at different locations, with different features; and so on. Let there be mass selection!

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