• Samsungs keep great memories

    Have you taken pics on the iPhone? That is just sad!!! The camera on the Samsung is the best. It captures great images and it is very easy. This phone can keep all your great moments. All that fun you have with your friends and family can really be valued!!!

  • Samsung now is better than Iphone

    Samsung, as there are now several features such as the camera than the iphone, more sound features in the camera, excellent graphics, great sharing by bluetooth (you only need two s4 be put back to each other and pair files among others) the screen plus has a higher top quality and no doubt very good, the play is the fastest growing in recent times, in addition to having more free apps will still block the number of apps on iphone according to subject matter experts, take photos with a 5 second sound, the filters are more interesting, also take pictures with the front camera along with a rear things are far more interesting, the health meter, are things that make up, but if iOS sobressae in some points such as safety, speed, agility, fluidity, but android is managing to get by with your quad or octa core snapdragon with too, this is my point of view...

  • IPhone is better.

    I have owned two Androids in my life. A Galaxy S 1 and 2 and both were TERRIBLE. They were slow, they always crashed, the battery broke twice for my S1, and they often overheated. According to this website comparing the two the S3 can be too big for small handed people.

    This is one of the most compelling design reasons to choose a Galaxy S3 over the iPhone 5 for people with smaller hands.
    Sheer size means that most people will have to stretch to reach from one side of the Galaxy S3 screen to the other, one-handed. And it gets surprisingly annoying.


    I now have an IPhone 5 and it is Amazing! It's faster and I haven't had a crash on it yet!. The phone is longer and not wider so it's better for us small-handed people! I have dropped my iPhone and it didn't explode like a lot of people expect, it didn't even have any damage!
    I also like the camera better on IPhone, because I can take 5 or 6 pictures in like 3 seconds without a burst mode, while with my S2 it took around 6 seconds to take one picture!.

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