• Yes Sanders campaign is strong

    Sanders is garnering almost equal percentage of popular votes compared to Hillary Clinton. He is considered as one of the honest politicians in the current race. He even received 60 percent of the votes in New Hampshire Democratic Primary in February. Hence it proves that Sanders campaign is really strong.

  • Yes, it is has momentum

    Sanders has really shown his grassroots support. The Clinton campaign has been gearing up for this race for a decade or so. Sanders has a message that is just beginning to be heard across the country. Lots of young people are responding and could still propel him to victory in November.

  • Bernie Sanders' Campaign Has Very Strong Grassroots

    Considering that he was a presidential outsider at best only a few months ago, the fact that Bernie Sanders has closed the gap so quickly is a strong indicator of a strong campaign. He will certainly win more caucuses along the way, and has a legitimate chance of earning the nomination for the Democratic Party. His base appears to be ever expanding, and his supporters are not shy to contribute financially to the campaign.

  • Sanders has a very strong campaign

    If he weren't up against Hillary Clinton, I believe Sanders would be a force to be reckoned with. He has a great passion, and stands up for what he believes. He is organized, and fundraising has proven to be a breeze for him. I honestly feel that Hillary Clinton is the only person, Dem or Rep, that can beat Sanders at this point.

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