• He is not only relevant but is being heard by youth.

    He is not only relevant but is being heard by youth. More young voters are listening to Bernie and agreeing with what he has to say. Bernie is probably the only choice for president when one considers his background with civil rights as well as his experience in the senate. The fact that he was against invading Iraq speaks volumes.

  • Sanders is still relevant.

    Bernie Sanders, although somewhat old, is still relevant because Hillary Clinton is on the receiving end of the internet's criticism. Much of the politics reaching the media has negative connotations in Clinton's name and positive connotations in Sanders' name. He is portrayed as a smart-lazy kind of person, while Clinton is portrayed as an uptight politician.

  • He may not win, but he will remain relevant

    Bernie Sanders will remain relevant long after Clinton gets the nomination. He embodies a dream that many people have for our country, something that people strive for. He has shown that it's okay to be the little guy and to stand up for what you feel is right. Bernie Sanders will be talked about for a long time to come, as he came out of almost nowhere to become a household name.

  • Yes he is

    Bernie Sanders is the real deal and everyone should just get used to it. He's going to win the democratic nomination and then he will look to take on Trump for the Presidential Nomination. Sanders is the new face of America and people want equality and with Bernie that's what you will get.

  • Yes, feel the Bern

    The public might not agree on who the next US president should be, but it's hard to see how anyone can fail to see the Internet presence of Bernie Sanders. He might not be as popular a topic as Trump, but at least he's still in the running and the memes about him aren't all negative.

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