• … uhh maybe?

    I like sans as a character, I find him funny. . . And maybe hot? Honestly it depends, Do I have to
    him? Or can I have a relationship? Personally despite my gender I would love the idea of. . . Im gonna stop RIGHT there, This is a debate form not a fanfiction site

  • I love sans

    Why do you think that sans is the first character we think of when we think of undertale. His raw sex appeal has infected all of us. People will deny it, But deep down they know, They'd fuck sans. No thinks of papyrus or undine or even Alphys. Because they just aren't hot.

  • Just no thanks

    Sans is just a video game skeleton who tells a few puns. I like him as a character but i don't understand why you guys love him so much. None of the characters are hot and sans is the least. Out of all of them hes a short fat skeleton. So no.

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