• What are you even. . . . . . .

    Why are you people so evil? The actual original representation of Santa Clause is pure-hearted and is meant to be like that. It's like when someone writes a book, The book is about what the author wants it to be like, And the reader is not in charge of this. This means, That Santa Clause is not sexual or a robber.
    Plus, It isn't stealing if you bring more than you take, And what he takes is meant for him. And also he doesn't teach kids to be fat, Because his fattness is supposed to be a physical representation of what he is all about: happiness, Joy, Toys, And also FOOD. (because back when Santa Clause was invented, Food was really hard to come by)

  • Yes he is

    Well for starters he say to be goo and show good things will come from that so unless you want a lump of coal instead of cool toys you should follow in his foot step i mean if we did not like him why leave out milk and also cookies

  • Santa is a bad man.

    One time I saw Santa having sex with my mommy and then he ate all my cookies. The next day my presents had white sticky snow all over them and it was very gross. I don't know where my dad is now m=but I think Santa had something to do with it.

  • He is bad

    He breaks into people houses at night, Eats their cookies and drinks their milk. Yes, He does leaves cool toys and other presents but most of them usually suck depending on the environment you live in. Santa is not even that cool, He teaches kids to be fat in the world.

  • This is insane. . .

    He sees you when your sleeping he knows when your awake WHAT THE HELL this guy is a creep he literally breaks Into houses and does whatever how unrealistic kiss shouldnt look up to a food junky who watches kids for a living are you insane this is a sad excuse for a man

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