• I'm on the Non-Existent Side as Satan Cannot Possibly Exist:

    The existence of such a fairy tale character is impossible. Though I'm constantly amused by Christian claims that Satan was the mythical serpent in the Garden of Eden of Genesis, but according to the Bible, Satan did not actually exist until the Book Of Chronicles. Which shows how much they read their Bibles. God was the only character who existed that created the serpent, as there had been no bad spirits created at the time of the Garden Of Eden.
    They all arrived later.
    So it is all just a big fairy tale and Satan (the dude in the Black Hat) was invented to scare converts towards the so called good dude in the White Hat or God/Yahweh/Elohim/Allah, etc...
    It's all just a big mind game to screw money out of victims/converts for the church, here pay for God to protect you from Satan.
    But, anybody reading the Bible properly, will realize that according to the Bible, Satan is by far the less Malevolent of the two dudes.

  • Satan doesn't exist

    There is no "Anti Christ", "Devil" or "Satan". "Satan" isn't taking control of anything on Earth nor in the universe. He doesn't control anyone, nor did he create any disease nor any natural disasters. Satan does not exist because it is illogical for him to exist and there is no evidence.

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