• It is a legitimite religion

    Satanism is a religion. Religion is the belief in a higher controlling power. The satanists believe that Satan is that power. They worship their god and pray to him. It is ironic that people would worship him because they have rejected Yahweh and claimed that they are now "liberated" of rules. Satan actually puts a higher tax on his servants than Yahweh and he also hates humanity. He has tried to take humans from Yahweh and uses lies and deceit to trick people. I hope I haven't strayed to far of the original topic. Please forgive me if I have. I am still new here.

  • Freedom of religion for all.

    In America, calling roller-skating a religion and the rink your place of worship is legal. 1st Amendment. A religion is anything whose followers call it such. Doesn't mean you can slit a lamb's or a cat's throats or wring a chicken's neck legally, however. Do that, get caught at it and you're in deep dark-brown doo-doo with the secular government. And worse, the animal rights activists, who'd love to crucify you, and if it were not for those same laws, probably WOULD!

  • Adherents Worship A Deity

    For a religion to exist, adherents must worship some kind of omnipotent deity. Satanists, though not a mainstream religion, are a legitimate movement. Satanists worship the devil, perform sacred rituals and have all of the basic tenets of a mainstream religion. Satanists may be considered the occult, but followers are part of an organized religion nonetheless.

  • Who is to say what a "legitimate" religion is?

    Since no human on the planet has any solid evidence that any religion is legitimate or absolute, Satanism would have to be viewed as just as legitimate a religion as Mormonism, Taoism or any other non-mainstream religion. Without absolute knowledge of what lies beyond this world we live in, it is impossible to determine which religions are legitimate and which are not. Religions are essentially a system of beliefs and faith.

  • Why shouldn't it be?

    A religion is simply a system of beliefs, which Satanism is. Some people don't agree with that system of beliefs, but that isn't really relevant; for any system of beliefs, there are going to be people that don't agree with that system. That doesn't make it not a legitimate system of beliefs.

  • What really is a religion?

    A religion can be identified as a set of beliefs that an individual has. If an individual truly believes in Satanism, I cannot tell them that it is not a real religion. I wouldn't want someone to pass off my beliefs saying that they were not real or legitimate jsut because they thought they were wrong.

  • Should be better to define what is satanism and what is not.

    In view to not make confusion between occultism nature-based rituals, claim to self-mind autonomy, and praying a god to raise violence.

    If that is to believe that god has an army, win by war and genocide, take defeated opponent's children as sex slaves, siblings as nubiles, and burn everything that isn't in a book, it's called muslim.

    Seen satanism as an individual guide for oneself, the Rejected ones and Fallen angels, depends how you consider others and acts toward them. A part is so called Liberalism. People who are successful are called Self-made men (or women).

    Regarding nature-based rituals, some cultures around the world call it by other names. Druidism, Chamanism, Astrology... And most of them are polytheist.

  • Yes it is, however more an idea than a religion

    Although Satanism could be called a real religion, it functions more as an idea, a way of life not the belief in god etc. Satanism is a belief in one self, it could almost be described as Humanism. Satanism is an aspect not a dark art or evil way of living it is a realized existence a understanding and bettering of your own humanity, a literal release from life's indiscriminate ways. Satanism could even be taken as the next step in human equality treating everyone with there simple rules, etc better understanding and individualism that's what satanism truly is, not some meager religion that has to be followed, praised, and defended, because all of its current members lead wonderful lives i can tell you by personal experience.

  • It is my religion.

    I've been a self-identified Satanist for more than a decade. I believe in a deity (which some people consider a prerequisite for "legitimate" religion), with whom I have a personal relationship. I have enough conviction to have over thirty tattoos of religious significance. I spent years as an alcoholic, my religion helped me overcome that. I don't base my religion around opposition to other religions, any more than Christians base their religion solely around opposition to Satanism. I don't go out of my way to shock or offend people.

  • Yes - it is full of people who truly believe and perform rituals

    Satanism, while a disturbing and scary practice, is certainly worthy of being classified as a religion. People in Satanism do the things that other people in religions do - worship, read scripture, and perform rituals and rites. Just because it is an extremely dark art does not mean that it does not count.

  • Satanism a way of life ,not a religion

    I believe that religion is your relationship with God. All authentic religions worship God. They may have different rituals and beliefs but, no matter what they call Him,He is still God.
    The ten commandments are a guide of how we should behave and respect each other. Satanism is the opposite of anything good.

  • No, It Doesn't Matter

    Unless you are Jewish or Christian, it does not matter what you say you believe in. Sure it might be a religion by definition. But who cares, its is a false religion. Just like the ancient Greek, Nordic, American Indian religions. It simply doesn't matter. We know it to be false. So there, be definition, sure, you can have that one, but by having an actual relationship with God, and the afterlife, its a joke.

  • Satanism religion or prayer is an oxymoron

    How can a set of beliefs that believes in and promotes(prays for) evil(satan), be given the same standing as the set of beliefs that stands for and promotes good? If religion is just any set of beliefs then a group of bikers that believe biking is everything, can call themselves a religion.

  • Satanic religion or prayer is an oxymoron

    How can a set of beliefs that believes in and promotes(prays for) evil(satan), be given the same standing as the set of beliefs that stands for and promotes good? If religion is just any set of beliefs then a group of bikers that believe biking is everything, can call themselves a religion.

  • The social purpose of religion in society.

    The social PURPOSE of religion is to promote peace and harmony within humanity and all that is living, amongst other POSITIVE things. Religion places great value on life in general and is meant to build not destroy. Satanism is contrary to all of that, it doesn't promote peace nor harmony and seeks to destroy humanity as well as perpetuating behavior that destroys the society. It therefore cannot qualify to be called a religion. It is something that people can choose to embrace and believe in, yet it does not fall within the social realms of what a religion is. Religion is a social practice and therefore the social interpretation of what it is would supersede whatever meaning provided by other sources.

  • Satanists don't worship the devil or a higher being.

    They only see the devil as a figure of desire to give in to. Satanism is mainly about doing what you want within reason with little restrictions. It encourages the ideas of modern evolution- that only the strong should survive. Satanism isn't a 'legitimate' religion as there is no god to worship.

  • Just want to cause trouble for those with faith

    Satanism is essentially non-religion, but those who claim it want to harass those of faith by bastardizing their symbols of faith. LeVeyan Satanists, the most well known, are atheists, and don't believe in God or Satan. The Church of Satan admits that early rituals were mostly mockeries of Christian ritual and reenactments of Christian folklore concerning the supposed behavior of Satanists: upside down crosses, reading the Lord’s Prayer backward, using a nude woman as an altar, etc. However, as the Church of Satan evolved it solidified its own specific messages and tailored its rituals around those messages. Essentially, they are looking to cause discomfort in others and are mean spirited.

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SantasProgeny says2017-02-26T09:42:04.730
What exactly is a religion anyway? Buddhism is considered a religion, but for the most part, there is no deity that Buddhists worship. This makes me think that religions do not require a deity.