• All religions are valid religions.

    Satanism isn't a religion so much as a collection of philosophies.
    Taken directly from the Satanic Temple:
    No, Nor do we believe in the existence of Satan or the supernatural. The Satanic Temple believes that religion can, And should, Be divorced from superstition. As such, We do not promote a belief in a personal Satan. To embrace the name Satan is to embrace rational inquiry removed from supernaturalism and archaic tradition-based superstitions. Satanists should actively work to hone critical thinking and exercise reasonable agnosticism in all things. Our beliefs must be malleable to the best current scientific understandings of the material world — never the reverse. "
    The Church of Satan has a very similar response.
    Satanists do not worship a personal Satan nor do they believe in god. This completely goes against the entire philosophy of Satanism. Additionally, The goal in a satanists life is not to do evil and they forbid the harm of children and animals (except for food) and only believe harm should be done to adults in self defense.
    It is abundantly clear that many of the people on this page, Especially the No's, Don't understand what satanism is.
    If you feel that any religion is invalid or threatens your religion in any way, I genuinely believe that is a personal belief you should stop and reflect upon.

  • Satanism is valid and more honest than any religion that believes in a omniscent benevolent god

    Yes, Satanism is valid and more honest than any relgion that believes in a omniscent benevolent god. That includes Christanity, Muslim, Jews, . . . Etc.
    Satanism and logically think for yourself is totally more valid in today's world of science.
    The question of God totally fails the question of evil and suffering.
    Also science already proves creationism wrong.

    To me, There is no benevolent god, I am suffering everyday workplace verbal abuse and threats by greedy top brass managers and CEOs. My childhood is a total mess, Suffering from parents divorce and evil stepmoms.
    I rather believe in Satan, Than a god who does not care about us at all!

  • Satanism IS a valid religion just like any other religions out there!

    A religion is composed of Beliefs, Practices & a social organization. Being Dark, Evil doesn't disqualify Satanism as a religion since the aspects that makes a religion is present. Most people would disagree on "Satanism" because they are blinded by the perspective of Christianity & couldn't see anything beyond that.

  • People have their own beliefs

    Everyone has their own beliefs and when more than one person has this belief it is seen as a religion. Other people can't or shouldn't decide whether a religion is valid. Because at the end of the day it all comes down to belief and opinion doesn't it? To deny someone a belief is like taking away their soul. Sure Satanism may offend other religious groups but I'm sure there is a clash between Christianity and Judaism occasionally.

  • Theistic Satanism and Laveyan Satanism.

    I believe that only Theistic Satanism should be considered a religion. Just because Christianity sees Satan as an evil figure doesn't mean that he shouldn't (or can't) be considered a God. Theistic Satanism is believing in Satan as a God. Laveyan Satanism is believing there is no God, But just a bit more edgy as they use the symbolism of Baphomet to show how Atheist they are. Theistic Satanism is at least respectable, Because it is really a religion of peace.

  • Definitely. Why not?

    Religion is purely up to the beliefs of the individual. If an individual only sees what is considered bad in another religion as the truth, Then that's what they believe. If they claim that to be their religion, Who are we to tell them what they believe? Someone's religion could be fluffy unicorns or the Grinch that stole Christmas, And that wouldn't matter because that's what they believe to be true and we can't stop them. The only problem with a few parts of some religions is that they are purposefully harmful to other people and other religions in the name of their G/god/s. We should all believe what we want to believe individually and only link up when we have similar beliefs.

  • VAlid? Religion? Two prospects. Yes to both.

    Satan was invented by the christians to instill the fear and wrath of god into people. So if a religion has to make up an anti christ type figure to get those folowers scared I don't think much of the church for doing that. All depictions of the devil are painted commissioned by the church around the early centurary. So if the concept of satan came from that I think it only fair we take from it that god has too parts one good and one evil. Bad and good concepts. If you masturbated it was the work of the devil. If you fornicated you where a whore. Marriage was the invention of god and all good. Defined only recently in law not the bible as the union of a man and woman. Now that is changing as everyone leaves the srtict church definition of our lives. So is satanism a valid religion? Two concepts there. One the use of the word valid and then religion. This should be a debate. It is assumed in the questioners mind therefore that satanism is already an accepted religion and the question remains is it valid. I think yes for lots of reasons. It is a reaction to the purile church and it's dogma. Fighting over all gods religions and wars in the name of it. Satan is the concocted evil balance thereforew is part of god and is valid even it is despised. The church uses it and relies on it. So everything that is bad in the world is not the work of god it is satan and therfore god gets off free/. If god created the earth and everything then he/she created satan. I am a satan worshiper and do the devils work. I am sodom and that other guy gomorah? ( spelling) I would rather embrace the dark arts and own my stuff, Rather than a false god or so called good god who doesn't own their stuff and gets soemone else to do the dirty work. Just look at the catholic church with thousands of peodophile priests allover the world for thousands of years. Millions of children abused raped and even murdered in the name of god. They say it's the work of the devil. I say it is the work of the church and all the people in denial about their sexuality. So Is satanism a valid religion. I'm not sure what constitutes the formation of a religion but it is a thing. I think you can still be good being a satanist. I do magic I conjur I do rituals. I invoke and as I will so mote it be.

  • Valid? Possibly? Right?

    Some of the arguments on the yes side are absurd. To compare satan to the grinch is to compare the nanking rape to a bully taking lunch money. Satanism isn't paganism, Its worshiping the devil. It glorifies lying, Stealing, Murder, Summoning of spirits, And blasmephy. Why are there so many people defending this?

  • Most Certainly Not

    Satanism is an evil demented twisted warped contorted version of another religion, It should be considered more of an offense than a religion. Even if it is a "religion" due to how evil it is it certainly shouldn't be considered "valid. " I would argue that satanism should not be privvy to the same rights grated by freedom of religion as other religions, Beliefs this evil are where we should draw the line.

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