• Yes, I believe it is.

    Satanism technically isn't even about worshiping Satan as the media portrays it to be. Satanism is more about self worship, And I don't mean in a selfish way. For example, In Satanism, The highest holiday is ones on birthday. Basically, Satanism in some ways is more or less about expressing your uniqueness, And being confident, Which is great for a persons mental health.

  • There Is Not Exactly An Answer..

    I do not claim myself as a Satanist, but I do believe that following the culture of Satanism can benefit your health in some situations. It allows you to free your uniqueness and differentiate yourself from society, it shows that you can stand up for yourself and feel more confident. I am in no way offending any other religions intentionally, but I feel like Satanism is the most reliable and realistic religion you can follow.

  • Yes, it is.

    Satanism promotes freedom and being yourself, real satanism (Anton Levay and shiz) doesn't even worship and or believe in satan and most of the time its used to mock religion.
    Its also just a bunch of edgelords and i mean goat people in pits of fire are pretty cool looking.

  • Definitely not unless you have proof positive there is NO HELL.

    See the dilemma? I will go you one better. You don’t have to serve him to go too Hell.

    You just have to “NOT KNOW” Jesus Christ. By that it means actually have a relationship.... You see if Jesus doesn’t know you? Your not saved .... Even IF YOU claim you know Him!

    James 2:19
    You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that--and shudder.

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