• Are You Kidding Me?

    When is human sacrifice, praying to a being who only causes ill will, death and destruction, and then trying to mimic said being in actual reality a moral ideology? Nothing about Satanism is NOT immoral, as Satanism does not have guidelines that show any form of morals! Satanism is 100% immoral.

  • The truth on the subject.

    So here we hear about Anton LeVey from my opponents. I'm not going to take religious advice from someone who dropped out of high school to join the circus. Why not be a pastafarian? Satanism is literally the church of Satan. You say Satanists don't believe in God or the devil yet Satan is clearly written in the name. They do revere Satan, the vile being who harbours the seven deadly sins.

  • Not in certain situations.

    Not every satanist is a baby killing human sacrificing rapist. You people don't understand that basically every group has extremists. Christians have extremists, Islamists have extremists, I know Satanists have extremists, But I'm okay with it. They should be arrested, but enough of that. People should be okay with us. I tolerate Christians, even if some are insane, not all are.

  • Satanism varies by group

    Theistic Satanism is a religion much like other religions. The concept of Satanism being immoral is wrong since Satanism doesn't promote illegal activities or physical violence. Philosophical Satanism either that of Le Vey or modernized Satanists is mostly a nonviolent journey. People can do harmful things whether they're Satanists or not.

  • No, because morality is subjective, not objective.

    Morality is an idea that was invented by humans, not a law of nature. The reasoning behind that statement is because one person's moral code can differ from another person's morality. For example, there are people (usually religious) who are against gay marriage because they believe it goes against their moral code as said in the Bible. However, there are religious people who are for gay marriage because they don't believe in pushing their moral code on the entire population.

  • Satanism is Objectivism With Ritual and Ceremony

    The main "Satanism" LeVeyan Satanism is not even a religion and more of a philosophy. Satanists don't believe God or the Devil even exist, but see the Devil as the real hero in Christian writings. The morality of Satanism is very individualistic but emphasizes that you don't have a right to sacrifice others for your own good (which Satanists criticize Christianity for promoting). This is parallel to Ayn Rand's Objectivism and Satanism has been described as "objectivism with ritual and ceremony".

  • Hell no (get it?)

    I could not have said it better than the person below me. Besides, the majority of Satanists do not engage in activities such as animal sacrifice, and there are certainly moral standards present in the teachings of Anton LaVey (yes, just one form of satanism).

    Just take for example the 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth which include "Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked" as well as "Do not harm young children, for they are the future" and "Do not take that which does not belong to you, unless it is a burden to the other person and they cry out to be relieved."

  • No, morality is a human ideal

    Morality is a human ideal based on values, teachings, and tradition. When we say something is "moral" we are simply saying something is correct according to society. It is impossible to say any religion or value is is simply a set of values. Now, the values put forth by Satanism may come into direct conflict with other groups, and then that is a very different debate.

  • No

    It depends on which Satanism you're referring to. The most common is LaVey Satanism, which is atheistic and similar to the writings of Ayn Rand. There's also spiritual Satanism, which recognizes Satan as an actual being. Satanism does preach self-indulgence and concern for the self, but it isn't inherently immoral in its teachings.

  • No, but it could be yes as well

    This is the atheist in me talking. What you need to remember is every religion has a different view of satanism and they have a completely different view if this is moral or immoral. The answer truly depends on what your religion is and what parts of the religion you truly believe in.

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