• yes it is

    It's not as funny as it used to be, but I still find it better than most of the funny stuff that is on tv today. Saturday Night Live can still make me laugh, they are goofy, stupid, inappropriate, but never super crazy like some of the things up today like jackass. Puke.

  • SNL is not funny anymore

    SNL is not funny anymore. I think it was funny in the late 80s to late 90s. I don't think it was actually funny in the 70s or since 2000. I think it takes the right scripts, content, and personality to make a show funny. I don't think any of it is meshing now. Add to that the terrible rap and scratch rock acts they have playing, and I think the show is mostly a disaster right now.

  • Off And On

    I use to watch SNL faithfully but since cutting the cord I've slacked off. I do think the current SNL cast has its moments, but they aren't up to par with the best casts. I've watched some of the skits and I would say they hit the mark about 50% of the time.

  • SNL Hasn't Been Funny For A Long Time

    SNL was always at its high point when the only skewering of the news and pop culture was done each week on Saturday night. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and a cast of others do a much better job on a much timlier basis now, and SNL has been left behind. Many people still enjoy it, but it just isn't very funny any more.

  • Its an institution now.

    Saturday Night Live is on television only because it is Saturday Night Live its rare for a sketch to actually be funny anymore. I much Prefer Key&Peele they are far cleverer and manage to be consistent. They even manage to keep it cleaner it seams like I also don't get pushed into watching a terrible band.

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