Is 'Saturday Night Live' the best comedy show ever?

  • Yes,Saturday Night Live is the best comedy show ever.

    Yes,Saturdaay Night Live is the best comedy show ever. It was a ground breaking show when it started and it continues till this day.Most of the cast goes to star in various movies so they must have had some quality to begin with.They have also introduced women and minorities which would have otherwise not been seen

  • It is pretty funny.

    Yes, Saturday Night Live is the best comedy show ever, because it is live. It has also been around for a very long time. It is hard to do live comedy on national television. On national television, it is really obvious if you mess something up. Most people in the United States can reference various skits from Saturday Night Live.

  • Yes it is.

    Almost all of the modern comedy greats have been on SNL at one time or another. It is original and almost always different, yet they have some things that stay the same and are enduring. It is so funny and I love to watch it. I really miss when Chris Farley was on there...

  • It Has It's Moments

    I do not believe that Saturday Night Live is the best comedy show ever. The show, typically is great, and most people favor its organization and gags, but since the time it started its flowed in and out, as far as quality. There are better casts than others and while its been good all along, its only been awesome a few.

  • One man's dulled vision

    Saturday Night Live was a great comedy show for about one year, the first year, thanks to the incredible talent involved. As it stands, Saturday Night Live now exists as Lorne Michaels' pathetic minstrel show and annual celebrity impersonation cycle. If you think celebrity impersonations are the funniest thing in the world, sure, Saturday Night Live is your thing. If you really love comedy, look elsewhere.

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