• It certainly has the ability to be a threat

    Saudia Arabia has control over a huge amount of oil. That, in itself, could be a huge threat to the oil-dependent United States. Saudia Arabia is also an extremely rich country with many different resources at its disposal. Could a cell of terrorists be hidden, trained, and financially supported in Saudia Arabia? Almost certainly.

  • The United States should remain wary of Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia has been an uneasy ally of the United States for quite some time. This relationship should be treated with immense caution because Saudi Arabia continues to have ties to places in the Middle East where terrorist cells have been discovered. This means that at any time Saudi Arabia could become an immense threat to the safety of Americans.

  • Yes, the endgame seems to be in sight now for this monstrous regime that has sawn the seeds of 9-11 and used their enormous oil revenues to promote Wahabism – the most extreme-Islamic evil around the world.

    Never forget what happened on 9/11 and after. When all planes were grounded, the only one allowed to fly was a Saudi one, full of members of Bin Laden family and Embassy employees. For years many government,especially Iran,insisted on the terrorist essence of Saudi rulers and their economical,political and logistic support of extremist groups like Al-Qaeda , ISIS ,Al-Nusra ...

  • Why is America so against other powers

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  • No, Saudia Arabia is not a threat to the U.S. T

    Saudia Arabia is a mostly peaceful country and is not a threat to the U.S. In fact, if we were to combine forces with Saudia Arabia they could be a powerful ally. They have a wide range of resources and influence, and can help the US achieve it's goals as a nation.

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