Is saying a woman's place is in the home/kitchen inherently sexist its self?

Asked by: MrFarRight
  • It is. Because you are categorizing a group of people based on gender.

    However, Just because its sexist doesnt mean its wrong. Many women (probably most) find more meaning in that role than in whatever job theyve chosen to enter. Just like how saying "Asians are good at math" is racist. Racism does not necessarily mean its false or bad. Racism has been manufactured into a crime worse than murder in our society.

  • Yeah, Because men can cook too.

    Gordon Ramsay and Hiroyuki Terada are accomplished male chefs. I recommend checking out the latter on Youtube. He makes a lot of interesting videos documenting how he prepares sushi dishes with live sea animals. Some of the videos are graphic so if you don't like seeing crabs, Lobsters, And other things killed then I would advise against watching.

    In a family household, A woman should be able to cook but if a man was raised in the culinary arts, Then there is no reason why he shouldn't be able to.

  • No one has a "place"

    No one belongs anywhere, That's like saying a black person's place is in the cottonfield, An Asian person's place is being a doctor. Anyone can do anything if they want to do it. If a woman chooses to be in the home and mostly stick to housework then so be it, But if she wants to be a lawyer, Soldier, Businesswoman, Or anything else who should stop her? Hell, Who has the right to stop her? We'd be missing out on so many people's brilliance if we confine them to certain fields. Imagine if Hedy Lemarr, Rosalind Franklin, And Gordon Ramsay were forced into their specific, Sexist roles. We wouldn't have wifi, Knowledge of the structure of DNA, Or one of the best damn chefs on the planet. Say that it's strictly enforced for women to only work in the home Then people will see no reason to let their daughters be educated. Literacy rates drop to 50% worldwide and people see women as stupid and lesser than because they have limited access to education. From there abuse, Mockery, And discrimination are significantly more justifiable. That-my friends-is the struggle of women throughout history. Constantly forced to prove their worth to a society that doesn't even see them as equal, Human beings, And enforces that through the very opportunities it presents to them.

  • It’s generalizing 50. 8% of the world’s population

    Yes, It’s sexist because it’s a statement that if it had it’s way could affect many lives for the worst. If it was true, It wouldn’t be sexist, It would be a fact of life and women would have had to adapt. But it’s not. There is no proof whatsoever that women should stay in the kitchen and it’s generalizing over half of the world’s population over nothing more than a belief

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  • It is just culture

    Most of the time in a family, The man goes to work to provide for his family, And the woman stays home and takes care of the kids. When the children get hungry, The woman usually cooks for her children. Now, I am not saying that women have to cook if they don't want to, Women have the right to not cook. When women cook it is an act of service to the other members of the family. I am not saying that the roles can't be reversed, But usually this is the case.

  • I Don't think so

    Is it sexist to say a man needs to provide for his family? No it is not like so if you are in like a work place or video game lobby etc. And you tell a woman there to "get back in the kitchen" then yes that is sexist but stating that women belong in the home generally is not alone sexist if I am making sense?

  • Women are servants

    Women should be property and servants of men and children they are for cooking cleaning and childbearing hey should not be allowed to vote own land or shares in a company like i said they are property you do not let your cat own a house or stocks now do you

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