Is saying what you believe the same as lying or slandering a group?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It depends on the context

    If you say what you believe with respect then of course not. Unless it has the potential to ruin someone's life. In that case you better fact check what you believe before running your mouth. Not all ignorance is harmless opinion. But of course it is invaluable to have multiple points of view.

  • If one is willfully ignorant of the truth, yes

    When an individual claims Denmark conquered Greenland, and he knows it to be a lie, he is committing slander based on bigotry.


    There is no truth to the claim. There is no example. It is one thing to assume something incorrect, it is another to continue to believe it once it has been shown to be an incorrect position.

    One cannot prove something that isn't real. Insisting it is real when it proved false, simply shows one's bigotry.

    Denmark has never moved its military against Greenland. In the history of time.

  • That is the dumbest thing I've heard lol

    I've done a couple of posts maligning Sweden, Denmark and Britain for past atrocities. Now putting aside whether what I say is factual or not, I never ever did anything with the intent of maligning them, because I believe what I was saying was fact. There was no motive to slander anyone. If I believe something, it's not the same as slandering someone (not that I'm saying that what I'm saying is untrue -- it is true -- Denmark conquered Greenland, Sweden mistreated Finland, etc). But it's what I know. Not that I'm trying to slander anyone. Lol How dumb can people be. Carlin was right.

  • It depends on the situation

    I think it all depends in the manor that you say your opinion. You can say the same things and mean two entirely different things by how you say it. And it also depends on if your beliefs are inherently insulting but I don't think most are. If you present your beliefs as fact that everyone should agree with it is often insulting, but if you present it as a belief than most people won't take offense unless your beliefs themselves are simply offensive.

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