• sexy in all

    I think Scarlett Johansson is the sexiest woman alive. I mean there are many reason to consider her sexy. I think is shes is fantastic artist. She looks amazing where she has mainted that way for years. She is also very intelligent on the finance side of the world as well.

  • No, sexiness is impossible to quantify and entirely subjective

    It is impossible to say definitively that Scarlett Johansson is the "sexiest woman alive", across the spectrum, for all people. There will be many who disagree outright due to physical preference, others who disagree in relation to some criticism of her perceived personality, and others still who disagree based on her acting career alone. Attractiveness is a nuanced measurement, the culmination of many separate judgments and perceptions, and influenced not only by environmental factors, but also the collective experiences and upbringing of the person being asked to make the evaluation.

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