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  • It's a spoof.

    Don't be fooled by the name as this is a spoof of horror movies, mainly Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. It's a lot of fun to watch whether you like horror movies or not. From my experience, the humorous mask changes made me bust my gut.

  • No it's Not

    This movie and the while continuing series is not scary what so ever. They are quite cheesy and funny though so I think that's why they made so many. I like how they just find the perfect ways to make fun of really popular movies, especially when they try to make scary movies scary still. What a crack up!

  • Scary Movie Not So Scary

    No, the first Scary Movie film is not scary. Instead, it is a parody of the horror genre. Some films can be both scary and funny; these are called horror-comedies. This is not so much for Scary Movie, which falls firmly in to the comedy category. So one should laugh as a result, not cry in fear.

  • However it was funny

    Scary Movie 1 was not scary but it made fun of other scary movies that came out around that time and it was funny. When they would play out scenes from other scary movies, as soon as it would get to parts that were scary in the original movie, something funny would happen instead.

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